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How To Host A 'Dinner Party' Wedding

This might sound a little bit odd, but I can't tell you how many of our couples have told us 'We want our wedding to feel like a really nice and intimate dinner party with our closest family and friends.'

Now, what in the world does that mean?

Here's how I've translated that:

'We don't want a fancy, over the top traditional wedding, but we also don't want a backyard DIY wedding. We don't want the same wedding as all of our friends; instead, we want our wedding to feel like 'US' and like an event we would actually put on for their family and friends! Oh…. AND we care about our guest's experience! We want them to have the best day ever! To us, that means everything. ' .

Now, how in the world do you go about creating THAT type of wedding? Don't you worry! We are going to walk you through each step of the process!

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Be Strategic In Selecting A Venue

You want to pick a wedding that feels like YOU and a place you think your guests would be comfortable. You also want to choose a venue that isn't too big for your guest count. For example, I find that it's harder to create this intimate vibe in an over sized ballroom (unless we bring in extra rentals), than it is in an outdoor space, tented space, a smaller room with character or an indoor / outdoor space.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Natural elements have a very homey feel and will give your wedding that slightly more relaxed and casual vibe that is common at a 'dinner party.' My recommendation here would be to use either wooden tables, wooden chairs or a very natural feeling linen.

Mix Up The Seating

Using all large round tables is always going to feel very traditional and less inviting. My recommendation would be to include a few longer banquet tables. This creates the illusion of fewer tables and will make your wedding feel more intimate.

Lots Of Greenery & Natural Floral

Including lots of greenery in your day is a great way to make your wedding feel like a more relaxed 'dinner party.' Consider including garlands on your tables and use greenery to enhance your other decor (Did someone say dessert table?). When it comes to floral arrangements, you are going to want them to include lots of greenery and be arranged in a way that feels very natural. (ie. not the floral ball!)

Use Non-Traditional Rentals

This could be anything from using non-traditional glassware, plates and napkins, to using unique tables and chairs, to adding a fun, relaxed and inviting lounge! These non-traditional rentals are going to allow your wedding to feel more like upscale dinner party, not a fancy wedding.

Play With Food Options

Ditch the traditional chicken and beef option for something more fun and unique. Think food stations with unique flavor options or comfort food served family style!

Lots Of Romantic Lighting

Lighting is a must. Adding market lighting makes a wedding feel more relaxed with a hint of a backyard vibe, while candle light really adds a very warm, inviting and intimate feel.

Our couple Sarah and Kyle opted for gorgeous rattan chandeliers in order to create warm and inviting feel, and it truly added to the 'dinner party vibe.' Click to see more here.


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