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Southern California Wedding Planners

Always Flawless is a wedding planning and design studio with over 10 years of professional  experience. We provide a 'team' approach to weddings, specialize in full service wedding planning & design, and strive to provide our clients with a top-notch experience. We pride ourselves on our strong relationship with our clients, and believe that the best events are build on trust, kindness, lasting relationships, and a whole lot of creativity and fun! 

Are you ready to find YOUR Southern California wedding planner or wedding coordinator?

Meet Our Southern California Wedding Planners & Coordinators

We think it's important for you to know who you are working with and want you to put a face to a name! Oh, and I should mention that we have all been in the wedding industry for years, have gone through lots of nitty gritty training, and absolutely LOVE what we do.

Ashley McHone

Owner + Lead Planner

Ashley opened Always Flawless nearly 10 years ago and has not looked back since. While she does still take on a few full service weddings a year, her primary role is to manage the entire Always Flawless team.

Her favorite part of the wedding day?


'The reception reveal! Not only do the couple get to see ALL the details, but they get a special moment together to take it all in. I find many couples practice their first dance here, which I find sooo adorable!' 

Allie Applegate

Lead Wedding Planner

Allie has been in hospitality for over 10 years and fell in love with the excitement, romance, creativity and uniqueness of the wedding industry as a whole. 

Her favorite part of the wedding day?

'Watching the bride walk down the aisle. It's a moment of pure adrenaline and anticipation, followed by stillness and contentment. It's also the only part of the day I get to be fully 'present' with all the family and friends in attendance.'

Southern California wedding planner Allie

Kelsey Giles

Lead Wedding Planner

After years of working as a bridal stylist, Kelsey knew she was meant to help couples with the entire planning process She has clearly found her calling, as our Always Flawless couples LOVE her! She has a true eye for design and has proved to be the perfect 'partner in crime' to all of her couples.

Her favorite part of the wedding day?


“People watching! I absolutely love watching all of the guests arrive, not only for their outfits, but also for their reactions. This is where, as a wedding planner, I get to see all of the hard work pay off, in the guests excitement and smiling faces. The energy of the room just lights up when everyone arrives!”

A Little More About Us

San Diego Wedding Planner
Our Philosophy

We believe in getting to know our clients and want to know more about you than simply: 'What's your wedding vision.' Building that trust and friendship is what makes you feel comfortable and is what allows us to create an event that is truly unique and filled with personal touches. 

We aim to create a very guided and direct experience, filled with personalization. We never want you to be wondering 'what's next' or 'what should I be expecting.' We also never want you to feel like one of many, and have created a tried and true method that makes you feel like our only client.

The Experience

Let's Talk About Our 'Team' Mentality

Here at Always Flawless we are team, and when you work with one of our planners, you are essentially working with our entire team. Pretty awesome, right?!  We approach all of our events with a 'We' mentality and we work together as a team to bring visions to life.  Now, let's dive into a few of the many reasons why working with a team of planners (vs. an individual planner) is just so beneficial to you! 

San Diego Wedding Planner

Built In Backup

Should anything happen to your planner (aka. a death in the family, an extended vacation while you have questions, a broken ankle, etc) we've got you covered! Because of how we operate, one of our other planners can easily jump into the mix to assist in the planning process or take over running the wedding day! 

Guaranteed Experience

None of our wedding planners are 'new' to the game. They have all gone through extensive training and know the ins and outs of the wedding industry. 

I also personally mentor ALL of our planners to ensure they are exceeding all expectations.

More Creativity

As much as I hate to say it, we all get in design ruts. By operating as a team, there is always someone available behind the scenes to throw out ideas and prevent any lack of creativity.


Talking through designs and ideas also allows for SO much more creativity and pushes all of our planners to create something new and unique for each couple.

Higher Standards

I have set VERY high expectations for all of our planners and am here to ensure those standards are met. You won't have any of our planners falling off the face of the earth, dropping the ball on deadlines or not getting back to you for weeks at a time. 

What Makes Us Successful?

Mt Woodson Castle Wedding 110.jpg

Staying organized is key. Our online planning system not only helps us stay organized, but it ensures all of our couples are being taken through the exact same process. It also makes it soooo much easier for us to all stay on the same page. Click below to get a sneak peak into our tools.

We are known for creating weddings that truly reflect our couples, and in order to do that, we have mastered the art of wedding design. Our design process is most couples favorite part of the planning process and they allow you to truly visualize every detail of the day. Click below for more insight into our design process. 

Mt Woodson Castle Wedding 204.jpg

We have been planning weddings for a long time now and have perfected our planning system. We have learned what works, what doesn't work, and the best way to walk you through the entire planning process. We have taken these systems and created our own custom packages.

Southern California wedding outdoor

Some Of Our Favorite Southern California Wedding Venues

  • The Darlington House

  • L'Auberge Del Mar

  • Rancho Bernardo Inn

  • The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

  • The Fairmont Grand Del Mar

  • The Prado

  • Vista Valley Country Club

  • The Catamaran Hotel

  • The Westgate Hotel

  • Maderas Golf Club

  • Manchester Grand Hyatt

  • The Pannikin Building

  • Montage Laguna Beach

  • Estancia La Jolla


  • Rancho Valencia Resort 

  • Building 177

  • Ethereal Gardens

  • The Lodge at Torrey Pines

  • Flora the Venue

  • Loews Coronado

  • La Valencia

  • Hotel Del Coronado

  • Tom Ham's Lighthouse

  • La Jolla Women's Club

  • Ritz Carlton Laguna Beach

What Our Clients Are Saying...

2017 March 26 Erica and Adrian (660)-X3.

Adrian + Erika

"I don't even know where to start!! My now wife and I loved everything about our wedding and everything came out beautifully and was more than we ever expected!


Ashley and her team are wonderful to work with. They listed to all of your needs and wants, and then work out the details. Working with them took so much stress away and we will be recommending them to all future couples looking to get married. Thank you, Always Flawless, for bringing our vision to life!"


Mila + Dave

"There is nothing Ashley and her team can't do! They made our dream wedding in Yosemite a reality and were, actually, the first vendor we even booked! They helped us research venues and costs in both San Diego and Yosemite. We ultimately ended up choosing Yosemite!


When it came to the wedding day, they made the magic happen and, looking back, I can't imagine everything that would have gone wrong had they not been there to help. I am tremendously grateful for them."

Paige  Eric-606.jpg

Paige + Eric

"100 Stars!! I decided to plan a wedding on my own in 4 months and only bring on a Month Of Coordinator. After meeting Ashley and her team, I realized how much better and less stressful my entire planning process would have been if I had brought them on from the beginning.


That being said: They are amazing at what they do!! They took a stressed out bride and allowed me to ENJOY my wedding! Thank you for making our wedding a flawless one!"

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

We are SO excited you are here and cannot wait to bring your wedding dreams to life! Click below to get the conversation started!


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