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What To Look For In Your Wedding Vendors

The struggle to find the right wedding vendors is real.

Sifting through the hundreds of vendors out can be completely overwhelming and narrowing that list down can feel like a completely daunting task. Am I right?

Well, in order to make your life a little bit easier, we have compiled a list of exactly what you should be look for when talking to vendors. I sincerely hope it helps make this journey at least a little bit more manageable!


This is soooo important Is they are a 'visual' vendor! (Think your florist, photographer, and designer) Pay close attention to their style and ask yourself if it matches the vision you have for your wedding. Keep in mind, a vendor may have a gorgeous portfolio, but if it doesn't match the aesthetic you want for your wedding, then they aren't going to be a good fit.


Communication is key! Be sure vendors are responding to you in a reasonable amount of time. I hate to say this, but vendors are typically MOST responsible during the inquiry process, so if this is a challenge from the beginning, it is only going to get worse.


How much experience do they have? Are they brand new to the industry or do they have years of experience? Trust me, as someone who has been in this industry a long time, this does matter. What I know know now, the level of service I'm able to provide, and how I run a wedding day is drastically different from when I got my start 10 years ago.(Oh... and I should point out that as long as a vendor has ample experience, it's typically does NOT matter if they have worked at your venue)


I can't even begin to tell you how important this is! In an industry that has zero standards and anybody can jump in and call themselves a 'professional,' it's even more important to understand a your vendor's level of professionalism.


Do you like the person and company? This, of course, is more important for some vendors than others. Think about it: your photographer will be following you around every minute of the day and will be trying to make you feel comfortable in front of a camera. You want to like that person. And think about your DJ who will be making announcements all day. You want to be sure you like his/her personality and feel like he/she would mesh with your crowd.


Yes, let's be real, price matters. I always recommend reaching out to a few different vendors if you aren't sure what to expect in terms of pricing, as it will help you begin to see the range in pricing. If you are talking to a 'top priority' vendor, I recommend being a little bit more lenient with price, but for vendors that are less important to you, you want to be sure the price is right.


This might sound silly, but trust your gut in talking to vendors. If you are feeling any hesitation, then they are probably not going to be the right fit.


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