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Why You Should Consider A Small Micro Wedding

Intimate weddings, micro weddings, elopements, oh my!

Lately there have been sooo many terms being thrown around to describe a small wedding and yes, I know it can be a little confusing! So before we dive into all the reasons why I looooove small weddings, I want to first walk you through the difference between all these 'terms.'


Traditionally, an elopement was used to describe a couple who ran off and got married in secret. Over time, this has evolved. It's no longer strictly reserved for those 'spontaneous' couples and it doesn't have to be solely the couple. Now a days, an elopement can simply mean that you are foregoing a big, traditional wedding for a smaller ceremony with fewer than 10 guests.

Intimate Wedding | Micro Wedding

Generally speaking, these two can be completely interchangeable and describe weddings with fewer than 50 people. These differ from elopements, as they still have all the same traditions and timeline as a 'traditional' wedding. To put it simply, it's a small wedding.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's dive into the pros of hosting an intimate micro wedding! And why they are my favorite. ;)

More Cost Effective

To put is simply, less guests means less money. You will be spending less money on food, drink, rentals, floral, stationery, etc. You get my drift.

You Still Get To Enjoy the Planning Experience

So many couples who don't want a big wedding opt to elope, which can be a great option! However, if you elope, you aren't going to get to experience all the wonderful aspects of an 'actual' wedding. And, believe it or not, you may actually regret this after the fact. Hosting an micro wedding is truly the best of both worlds. There isn't the pressure of a big wedding, yet you still get to experience it.

You Can Do MORE!

With less people, you will be able to add all those extra pretty details without it fully breaking the bank! Think about all those personalized details, fancy place settings and installations you are loving. Those all become much more of a reality when you opt for a smaller guest count.

Less Stressful

It might sound odd, but the fewer guests you invite, the less stress you will feel. You aren't necessary doing 'less' work or including fewer details, however, there is just less pressure for the day to be 'perfect.'

More time to ENJOY the wedding day

When it comes to big weddings, I find that most couples spend the entire day saying 'hi' and thanking all of their guests for coming. While this is wonderful, it doesn't leave much time for you to really enjoy the day. With a smaller wedding, you won't have as many people to 'make the rounds' to and will be able to relax and truly enjoy the day.


Again, this one might sound a little odd, but hear me out. There are so many couples that HATE being the center of attention (Trust me, I hear it allll the time), and being the focus of a big event simply feels uncomfortable to them. Don't get me wrong, they still have a wonderful day, it just doesn't quite feel 100% comfortable or authentic to them.

If that sounds like you, then a small micro wedding might be right up your alley! You will still get to enjoy a full wedding, but won't be stressed about being the center of attention all day.

Are you considering a micro wedding, but aren't sure how to handle your family? Click hear to learn how handle family dynamics.


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