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What To Do On Your 'Original' Wedding Date

So you were supposed to get married and had to change your date due to the coronavirus. Here me when I say this: it's going to be okay. You are still going to get married. You are still going to enjoy a wedding. You are still going to spend your life with your fiance. This is NOT going to define your marriage and, in fact, will be something you laugh about down the road. It's a small road bump and you are going to get through it.

Now, what in the world do you do on that 'original' wedding day? It's a day that is still apart of your story and it is a day you will remember for ever and I want you ENJOY it. I want you to celebrate your relationship and I want you to get excited for all that is still to come. Because, my friend, there is still LOTS of good to come.

If you are stuck and need some ideas, I've made a short list of things you could do on your original wedding day. I hope this helps get your wheels turning and I hope you have a WONDERFUL non-wedding day.

Breakfast In Bed

Since you can't go out for breakfast, while not surprise your fiance with a romantic breakfast in bed! Think homemade muffins and fruit, pancakes, biscuits and gravy or eggs and toasts paired with a hot cup of coffee or mimosa. It's a simple gesture and will get the day started off feeling special and romantic.

Get Outside

Get out of your house and spend some quality time together. This could be anything from going on a walk around the block, a short bike ride, or picking up coffee and going for a walk along the beach. Do what feels like 'you' and enjoy a casual day 'out' together.

Make a Toast And Enjoy Your Signature Drinks

Pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate what is to come! If you are feeling crazy, you could also make up a batch of your signature drinks to enjoy. After all, this should still be fun and exciting day!!

Exchange Vows or A Love Letter

You may not be 'officially' tying the knot, but why not share you feelings with your significant other? Surprise them with a heart felt love letter or plan on exchanging the vows you wrote for your wedding day.


This one is pretty straight forward and I would suggest doing something different than your every day dinner. Maybe you do a DIY wine and cheese pairing for an appetizer, splurge on lobster or filet mignon. Or maybe you order take out from your favorite restaurant and enjoy a picnic in your backyard at sunset. The options here are truly endless, and I encourage you to think of something fun!

Eat Cake

If you live close to your wedding baker, consider ordering a small wedding cake or mini desserts to enjoy. This can be a great way to both support your baker and to enjoy an actual piece of your wedding day.

Photo Shoot

Yes, I know this might sound a little over the top, but it could be a great way to document and remember the day. You could keep this simple and set up a tri-pod in your living room, or you could go a little fancier and bring in your wedding photographer for a quick 30 minute session. That will give the day a very special vibe and will end up with wonderful photos as a way to remember the day.


Your formal wedding may have been postponed, but why not get married anyways? Pick an awesome (or meaningful location), bring your officiant and photographer and go tie the knot. You can even wear your wedding dress and have your florist make you a gorgeous bouquet! This is a fun (and meaningful!) way to truly enjoy the day while maintaining that pesky 6 foot distance.

Zoom It Up

And finally, did I mention that ANY of these can be done over zoom? Invite your family and bridal party to join in the festivities and celebrate on what 'would have been' your wedding. Trust me, this can still be JUST as fun.


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