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The Ultimate List Of Pre-Wedding Day Activities

ultimate pre-wedding list

Weddings definitely require a lot of meticulous planning, but don't forget about all the other fun wedding related events that come along before the big day!!


This is usually the first activity to cross off the pre-wedding checklist and kicks off the wedding planning festivities!I find that some couples do this right after getting engaged, while others hold it closer to the wedding. The idea behind a bridal shower is to celebrate the new 'bride to be!' It is traditionally thrown by the parent's of the bride, but this often depends on parent's proximity to the bride. Now, what in the world do you do at a bridal shower?You mean other than simply celebrating the bride? There is usually food and drink, some fun games and lots of gift giving!

bridal shower


This elegant luncheon is held a few weeks before the wedding and is the bride’s way of thanking all the wonderful women in her life who are part of the wedding party. As a thank you, the bride also usually presents each of them with special gift.


The famous bachelor and bachelorette parties are the most well known and anticipated pre-wedding day activity. Now, if you aren't into a crazy night on the town, don't fret! There are lots of other options. This could include a fun day at a winery, a low key night of board games at your house, a spa day or a fun weekend getaway! Think about things you enjoy doing and turn it into your bachelor(ette) party! After all, the whole idea is to celebrate YOU and your last few days being single.

Now, when should this take place? While it was traditionally done the day before the wedding, most couples throw these events a few weeks (or even months!) before their big day.

Looking for more ideas? We have compile a whole article on Fun & Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas. Click to read it here.


The rehearsal dinner takes place after the wedding rehearsal one day prior to the wedding. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone who is part of the wedding party to get acquainted prior to the wedding. This typically includes parents, grandparents, the bridal party and their significant others.

I find the rehearsal dinner is also a great time for you to give out any thank you gifts to your parents or bridal party, and can also be a great time for your friends and family member so give toasts.

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