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Honeymoon 101: St Lucia

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Over the years St. Lucia has become a popular honeyoon destination, and for good reason! If you are considering it for your honeymoon, be sure to read below for some pertinent information, as well discover some of the unique things to do on the island!

Necessary Information:

Entry Requirements: Passport valid for six months beyond your departure

Language: English

Currency: Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar and US dollars

Flight Time: 11 hours from LA; 8 hours from Chicago; 8 hours from Dallas; 5 hours from New York City;

Getting Around: Bus, rental car (drive on the left!), ferry and taxi

When To Go:

Weather: The climate in St. Lucia tends to be very mild and averages about 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware that rainy season and hurricane season run from July to November.

Best Prices: May to June

Festival Highlights: The four-day St Lucia Jazz Festival is held in May, and Carnival is celebrated in July

What To Do

Beach Time: Sit back, relax and sip on a tropical cocktail while soaking up the rays on one of St. Lucia's stunning white sandy beaches.

Rainforest: Sign up for a guided tour and stroll through the lush and tropical rainsforests. You may even get lucky enough to take a dip in one of the gorgeous waterfalls or see a rare St. Lucia parrot! Just be aware that you will need a guide to get into the restricted rainforest, so don't try to venture out on your own!

Explore A Volcano And Experience A Mud Bath: Head up to town of Soufriere and walk along the edge of the dormant Sulpher Spring Volcano, which last erupted 2 centuries ago. When you are done with that, head to the actual hot springs and experience a once in a life time all natural mud bath! The treatment will begin with a alabaster silca application and will end with a volcanic mud rubdown followed by a dip in the steaming sulfer pool. The mud in these springs is said to have restorative and rejuvenating properties. Do believe me? Go see for your self!

Snorkeling: Take a day and enjoy the crytsal blue waters of St Lucia! Either enjoy a low key day or snorkeling, or full dive in and enjoy a lazy drift dive and explore the plunging coral walls! Be sure to also keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. The waters are overflowing with sea turtles, spotted eels, rays, octopus, sea horse and nurse sharks.

Shopping: Head on up to the Castries on the North side of the island on Saturdays to enjoy a lively market. You will find everything from local fruits and spices, to handmade crafts! Not staying that side of the island? That's okay! Head over to the Arts and Crafts Development Center in Choiseul to pick up loval gifts, souch as straw, wood and clay goods!


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