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Gift Ideas For Your Significant Other

As much as I love the holidays and am a sucker for Christmas music, decorated trees, eggnog lattes and extra time with family and friends, I sometimes find myself stressing over finding that "perfect gift" for my significant other. That's terrible isn't it?! The holidays are meant to be joyful, and we shouldn't be stressing over gifts. If you are anythng like me, you are searching for something that will be memerable, that will get used, and that won't completely break the bank. In order to help you out, below are a few of my favorite holiday ideas.

1. A Scrapbook - Chances are you and your significant other have experienced a lot over the past year, and why not document it! From my experience, everyone LOVES a heartfelt gift that will take them down memory lane. It's a great way to re-live the good times and also show him/her how much you care. I have been doing this for the past 6 years, and my significant other gets so excited and looks forward to receiving this every year.

2. Tickets To A Concert/Show - I am a big believer in gifting "experiences" over "things." Does your significant other have a favorite band, comedian or play? Get the two of you tickets! Your significant other will appeciate that you took the time to find out who his/her favorite performer is, and it's a great bonding experience!

3. A Weekend Getaway - Have you and your significant other been talking about taking a trip, but just haven't gotten around to booking it? Plan out the trip and gift it for Christmas! Don't have a spefic date in mind? That's okay! Do the research and let your significant other know where you will be staying and what you will be doing. As soon as you are able to nail down the date, then you can book it. Also, this doesn't have to be an over the top trip, and could even be a "staycation" at a local hotel.

4. Classes - Okay, okay, I know what your thinking. Why in the world would I sent someone to a class, but it's not what you are thinking! Has your significant other mentioned that they want to learn how to cook, or they want to learn how to brew their own beer, or they want to learn yoga? If yes, then send them to a class to learn! There are tons of different classes out there that your significant other would LOVE to take part in, and will appreciate that you took the time to find it for them! Do your research and you will be amazed my what you an find.

5. Wedding "Stuff" - Are you currently engaged and trying to plan your wedding, but don't have the budget to get EVERYTHING your significant other wants? How about gifting one of them for Christmas! For example, book a styled engaged shoot (they are SUPER fun and make AMAZING wedding photos), or book that calligrapher that was just out of reach, or get vinyl cutter to create some awesome DIY wedding creations, or upgrade the package with your wedding planner so your significant other can stop stressing so much. The possibilities are really endless, and your significant other with love that you took notice.

I hope that helps gets the wheels turning and makes coming up with that perfect gift a little bit easier!



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