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Rancho Valencia Wedding in San Diego, CA | Jill + Patrick

Rancho Valencia Wedding in San Diego, CA

Jill and Patrick got married at Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa and their wedding was truly magical!

Our adorable couple met at a friend's wedding in 2017. Jill was a bridesmaid and Patrick was the groom's brother's best friend. They happened to be seated at the same table during the reception and instantly clicked! They bonded over the fact that they were both finishing grad school and Patrick pulled out the big guns and kissed Jill during the sparker exit later that evening.

Fast forward 3 years and Jill and Patrick bought their first home together and adopted an adorable puppy! All of their free time was spent painting and fixing up their first home. One day Patrick asked if they could take a break from all the house work and go on a hike. Jill agreed and 45 minutes into their hike Patrick started asking strange and all of a sudden proposed. Jill was definitely not expecting it that day, which made it such a special moment!

Now it was time to find the perfect wedding venue. Jill and Patrick wanted to have an outdoor wedding and Rancho Valencia perfectly fit their vision! It was naturally beautiful and didn't feel 'commercial,' like so many other wedding venues. It was truly love at first sight!

When it came to the aesthetics, Jill wanted her wedding to feel classy and timeless. She didn't want anything trendy and didn't want to look back at her wedding photos in 10 year and think 'oh man.... why did we do that?!' She opted for a lighter color scheme of lots of whites and greens, with subtle accents of taupes and blush and it was absolutely gorgeous! Not only did Jill and Patrick want a beautiful aesthetic, they also wanted the day to feel stress free, so they could enjoy the entire wedding day, and really wanted a full dance floor! They wanted all of their guests to enjoy the entire experience and have fun celebrating with great music and dancing.

I have to admit that working with Jill and Patrick was an absolute DREAM and their wedding day day came together beautifully. Be sure to scroll down to see all the pretty details and fun moments of the day!

Bride and Bridesmaids at Rancho Valencia Wedding

Bride in olive grove at Rancho Valencia Wedding in San Diego, CA