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Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes

You just got engaged and are beaming with excitement! But before you dive into planning the wedding of your dreams, take the time to learn what NOT to do in planning your big day. Your husband-to-be, friends, family, and check book will all thank you!

1. Trying To Do EVERYTHING. Too often brides come to me with a never ending list of things they either want for their wedding or think they are suppose to have at their wedding. Let me be the first to tell you that, unless you have an extremely high budget and ample time, this list is most likely not going to be realistic. I encourage you to make a list of your top priorities and focus your time, money and effort on this smaller list. Doing a few things extremely well is going to have a greater effect than doing anything and everything half way. I guarantee your guests will love what you do well and won’t notice the little things you think are missing!

2. Not Staying Within Budget. One of the very first steps in planning a wedding is setting a budget; and I strongly encourage you to NOT to put this off! In order to not max out your credit cards or spend a small fortune on your wedding, you need to sit down and come up with a concrete number early on; not 6 months into the planning process. Once you have an overall budget, you can break that down into smaller budget for all the different aspects of your wedding. For example, 10% on a photographer, 40% on food and beverage, 8% on floral, etc. Now I’m not saying you can’t stray from your budget at all! Let’s say you fall in love with a venue that is slightly over your allotted budget, that fine! Just make sure you decrease your budget in another area. It’s a game of give and take. If you spend more in one area, you need to decrease your spending in another. Make sense?

3. Not Having Enough Time. Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life. You are head over heels in love and planning on sharing the rest of your life with someone! With that being said, why rush into a wedding? Do yourself a favor, and give yourself ample time (at least 9-12 months) to plan your wedding. I promise, your husband-to-be with thank you! Planning a wedding is a full time job, and allotting plenty of planning time will save you countless headaches, stress, and “bridezilla” moments. It will allow you to enjoy your engagement, while allowing you to plan the wedding of your dreams. It will also prevent you from feeling like you are “settling” on vendors or smaller details of the wedding that you just plain don’t have time to figure out.

4. Not Hiring Professionals. Every bride seems to know somebody who takes great pictures, or who cooks amazing food, or who has a music collection with every song known to man. As tempting as it is to utilize these people, trust me when I tell you: Hire Professionals! You are already investing so much into your wedding; do you really want to risk things not going exactly as planned? After all, your DJ is going to set the mood/vibe for the entire reception, a wedding planner is going to manage every little detail on the day of your wedding, and you are going to be looking at your wedding pictures for the rest of your life! I can’t tell you how many brides I have talked to who regret not hiring professionals for their wedding. Now I’m not saying hire the first one you meet, do your research! Interview different vendors in your price range. Find ones who offer the services you are looking for and who you feel comfortable with.

5. Forgetting the Bottom Line. It’s YOUR Wedding Day!! Don’t forget that! It is about you and your husband-to-be’s love for each other and the beginning of your new life together. Don’t get so bogged down on the details that you forget that! Have fun with the planning process and be sure to turn your wedding into a true reflection of the two of you. There are no set rules (regardless what you may think), and I encourage you to have fun with it! For example, if you went to a sushi restaurant on your first date, serve sushi and sake during cocktail hour, or if your husband is an amazing guitar player, have him play during the father-daughter dance. The possibilities here are endless, and the more you personalize your wedding, the more memorable the day is going to be for both you and all your guests.

Congratulations! You are now ready to get out there are start planning the wedding of your dreams!





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