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    6 Adorable Ring Bearer Ideas

    We often here that the “little ones” in a wedding party tend to steal the show, and after compiling a list of our favorite ring bearers, we have to agree! Take a look at this adorable list of ring bearer ideas, and tell us we are wrong!

    CARRYING A SIGN / FLAG – This works especially well if you are planning on having more than one ring bearer.

    RING SECURITY – This is such a cute idea, and we fell in love with this pair of ring sercurity officers!

    PERSONABLE ATTIRE – The perfect idea for the child who is too young to carry the rings!

    “DRIVE DOWN THE AISLE” – We love this idea for a vintage or rustic wedding!

    UNIQUE BOXES OR BOX ALTERNATIVES – Let you ring bearer carry the rings down the aisle with something other than a typical box. We promise your guests will love it!

    INCLUDE YOUR PUP – Don’t have a potential ring bearer, but LOVE your dog? Consider including him in your wedding. (Just be sure he is well trained first!)

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