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Professional Guidance For Couples NOT Working With A Full-Service Planner 

Believe it or not, I am a firm believer that a full-service wedding planner isn't the right fit for all engaged couples. (Did you ever think a wedding planner would say that?!) Well, it's true! Many couples either want to experience planning their wedding on their own, are too 'practical' to hire a wedding planner, or simply don't have the funds to afford one. And you know what? That's okay.   

There is absolutely nothing wrong with planning your wedding on your own, but since you haven't done this before, there is a lot for you to learn. As a wedding planner, I want you to be successful and I have made it my mission to create a place where I can teach, guide and inspire all those couples who are just like YOU. Those couples who aren't working with a wedding planner and who are braving the wedding planning processes alone. 


Here you will find TONS of free resources, tools, and tutorials designed to guide you through this crazy process and I sincerely hope you find them helpful!


For those of you that want a little more assistance, I have created an online course, called the Wedding Planning Boot Camp, that guides you through the entire process. Learn more here. And for those of you that need more design guidance, I am now offering completely customized  (and affordable!) mood boards and wedding designs! Contact me for more information.  


San Diego Wedding Planner

This 50+ page guide is filled with ample tips and tricks and worksheets to guide you through the wedding planning process, including a list of questions to ask all of your potential vendors.

San Diego Wedding Planner

Our resource library is overflowing with hands on worksheets to keep you on track, including timelines, budgeting tools, setup lists, design worksheets, and much much more.

San Diego Wedding Planner

This three day series goes over the most challenging parts of planning a wedding, how to approach DIY projects, and the biggest mistakes nearly all couples make. 

San Diego Wedding Planner

Explore real wedding inspiration and get ideas from real brides and grooms.

San Diego Wedding Planner

Explore unique and innovative wedding inspiration to help you think outside the box. 

San Diego Wedding Planner

Learn from the pros and explore our expert advice on how to plan a wedding 


Narrowing in on your vision can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Let us help by creating a customized mood board just for you. This mood board will streamline your vision and will make selecting decor elements a breeze.

PRICE: $47

The Wedding Planning Boot Camp is our signature wedding planning course designed to walk engaged couples through the wedding planning process. I teach you how to be successful, regardless of whether you are spending $2,000 or $60,000.

PRICE: $247

Are you having trouble designing your dream wedding? Let us help! We will work with you to zone in on your vision and will create a customized design proposal that fits your vision & budget. It will include specific ideas for all wedding day details, costs and where to source decor items.


PRICE: $397


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