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Content Creation

Do you want to wake up to a camera roll full of the fun, behind the scenes memories from your wedding day? Then we've got you covered! Our content creators are pros at capturing all the behind the scenes footage from your wedding day, as well as producing short form videos for your personal IG and TikTok accounts. 


What IS A Content Creator?

Good Question! A content creator is a wedding professional who will be capturing the real, raw and behind the scenes footage from your wedding day... all from their iPhone... And will be delivering you the content within 24 hours of your wedding.

A content creator allows you to instantly relive your wedding day through both the curated and unscripted moments of the day, and provides you with all the content needed to instantly share about your wedding on your favorite social channels. 



Do You Have A Question? 

Will this replace my photographer or videographer?

No, a content creator is not a replacement for your photo and video team. They are true artists who are providing you with a different art form and final product. 

Will you work with my photographer and videographer?

Absolutely! We are pros at working with photographers and videographers. We believe that their coverage is priority and we will let them lead the way through the wedding day. We will work collaboratively with them in order to provide the best experience for everyone involved.

Why should we work with you?

Our experience lies in both content creation and wedding management; meaning, we understand how weddings work, what is important to couples and have paired that with our ability to create gorgeous wedding content. We also deliver all content within 24 hours of your wedding. 

How soon will be get all the content?

You will receive all of your raw footage content and edited videos within 24 hours of your wedding. We understand that getting you content quickly is one of the main reasons you are wanting to work with a content creator, and it's important to have that content as soon as possible.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! We are open to traveling anywhere you want to take us!

What Do Short Videos Look Like?

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

We are SO excited you are here and cannot wait to bring your wedding dreams to life! Click below to get the conversation started!

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