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The Custom

Wedding Design 

If you are like most couples, the thought of diving into all the pretty details of your wedding both excites you are terrifies you. Am I right? After all, there are soooo many ideas out there and how in the world are you supposed to know which ones are going to work together, let alone, which ones are going to give you the most bang for your buck? 

Don't you worry, we've got you covered!! 

What Exactly Is 

A Custom Wedding Design?

It's simple! We create a customized wedding design tied in a pretty bow and fully ready to execute. We take the time to get to know you, to understand your wedding day priorities and budget, and peruse all of your Pinterest boards to get a better feel for your style.


We then create a pretty design proposal, complete with options, budget breakdowns and vendor recommendations. All you have to do is send potential vendors your design blueprint and they will take it from there! 

What's Included In The Design?

Virtual Wedding Design
Vista Valley Country Club Wedding.jpg

Your 100% personalized design proposal will break down your color scheme and design elements for everything including, but not limited to bridesmaids dresses, ceremony design, invitation options, the reception layout, centerpiece ideas, custom favors, lounge setups, dessert tables, seating chart displays and much, much more!

A design proposal isn't going to do you any good if it doesn't fall within your budget! We work with you to propose options that fit your budget and will break it down so you have a good idea of what everything will cost. From there, you can make the final decision on where you want to allocate funds.

In order to bring a design to life, you need to have a good team on board! In order to make this process extremely easy, we will put together a list of recommended vendors for each aspect of the design proposal. This way you are certain to have a team that execute the overall vision. 

Vista Valley Country Club Wedding.jpg

What Does The Process Look Like?


Initial Meeting

This is when we get to know YOU and what you are envisioning for your big day. Our questionnaire also includes things such as: links to your Pinterest Boards, your budget, your top and bottom priorities and much, much more. 

This is how we get a full understanding of your wedding day vision. 


Mood Boards

Mood boards the first step to ensuring we are on the right track, and we start creating these as soon as you submit your initial questionnaire. 

The goal of a mood board is not to hone in on the specific details of the day, but rather to capture the overall aesthetic.


Depending on how streamlined your look is, we will typically do two different mood boards to start and will revise these up to two times. (And we have honestly never needed to revise them more than that!)


Once we all all in agreement on the mood board, we will dive into the design proposal.


This is where we will be presenting ALL the details for your day and is the best part of the process! Not only do we present inspiration photos, but we digitally create your customized day. For us, this is am important piece of the puzzle in ensuring you can truly visualize the day.

The Design


What Do The Proposals Look Like?

On average, our design proposals are around 20 - 25 pages long. Below are a few snap shots of what the inside of our proposals look like. 

2020-06-01 (7).png
2020-06-01 (10).png
2020-06-01 (11).png
2020-05-11 (18).png
2020-05-11 (17).png
2020-05-11 (20).png
Place Setting Options (2).jpg
2020-05-11 (19).png
2020-06-02 (9).png



We want to make sure we get things right and include one round of revisions. (Which is all you will need!) 


The Final Design

We ​will also jump on a quick phone call to walk you through all the final details and ensure you are fully onboard with the final revisions

What Our Clients Are Saying..


Elise + Sean

Working with Always Flawless on my destination wedding was an amazing experience from start to finish. They laid everything out for me - costs, what to expect, what I would need to do, and guided me through every aspect of the wedding. 

The wedding day went absolutely perfect and the decor was more beautiful than I ever imagined, and definitely better than I could have put together on my own! I will always remember what a magical day they created for us!"


Kristine + Taylor

"Oh man, oh man, Always Flawless nailed our wedding! From start to finish, they were on top of everything and great with details. They made everything really easy and helped us relax through out the process. 

They also brought my wedding vision to life!!! All my friends were stunned at how "me" everything was. So thank you! I would recommend them hands down to anyone!"


Whitney + Ryan

"Ashley and her team were AMAZING in every sense of the word and went above and beyond what I ever expected from a wedding planner. I consider myself a very detailed person and actually worked in events for many years and cannot say enough about their seamless ability to plan. 


They figured out a way to make all of my crazy ideas happen - and within budget. Hiring Always Flawless was the best decision we made in planning our wedding.

Are You Ready To Work With Us?

We are SO excited you are here and cannot wait to bring your wedding dreams to life! Click below to get the conversation started!

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