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San Diego Breweries: The New Wedding Venue Trend

June 14, 2017

Photo Credit: Color & Cake Photography at 32 North Brewing Co.


The Brewery scene in San Diego is absolutly thriving right now!  What better place to have the trendiest wedding of the year than at one of San Diego's many breweries. We reached out to our favorite breweries to hear what they have to say about this growing wedding venue trend. Check out how Mission Brewery, Booze Brothers Brewing Co., Karl Strauss and 32 North Brewing Co. are working their way into the wedding industry!


Why Do you think so many couples are choosing breweries for their weddings?


"Breweries are the thing right now, especially in San Diego. Getting married in a brewery is fun and the bar service is included. Couples do not have to worry about bringing in an outside bar service (which gets pricy) and beer is generally cheaper than spirits. Breweries are fun, hip and budget friendly. " -Donna, Mission Brewery


"People are choosing breweries, and other alternative wedding sites 
because they want to do something different and unique to them. For a 
couple that loves beer, a brewery is a comfortable place that they can 
fully express their relationship. It also helps that our particular 
venue is much less expensive than, say, a hotel ballroom." - Samuel, 32 North 


"Breweries are more laid back (the opposite of “stuffy!”) A large percentage of breweries have gorgeous outside spaces which are perfect back drops for weddings. PLUS, guests get the freshest, most delicious hand crafted beers for the party." 

-Jory, Karl Strauss


"With a lot of breweries, the couple gets to choose their own vendors from rentals and food, to photo booths and flowers. We want our clients to have the wedding they want and I am always open to new ideas and concepts that anyone wants to bring in. Coming into a brewery, you have to know that everything is much more mellow and fun with us and you can't be expecting a big traditional venue; our couples understand that and are willing to go with the flow, have a good time, and really enjoy the experience that they have. I'm the person that people meet with to view the venue, the contact for them throughout the entire process, and then I am there all day on the day of their wedding if they need anything from me and I bartend their event; I develop some really awesome relationships with my clients and they make it so easy for me because they are such amazing, fun, and care free people." -Alyssa, The Wood Shed by Booze Brothers Brewing Co.



What type of couples is a brewery the perfect fit for?


"Definitely a laid back, non-traditional couple. I get a lot of couples that want food trucks or taco carts to cater their reception and we can absolutely accommodate that option. It makes my job especially fun to work with laid back couples." -Donna, Mission Brewery


"I can only speak for 32 North, but I have found that couples who are 
seeking a more casual, less traditional, wedding are often attracted to 
our space. The industrial and rustic decor is also very polarizing, it 
speaks to certain people" -Samuel, 32 North


"Any couple that likes beer and having a good time." -Jory, Karl Strauss


"A brewery is the perfect fit for couples who are easy going, light hearted, and creative. The couples I work with on a regular basis are looking for a more laid back vibe and moving away from the more traditional." -Alyssa, The Wood Shed by Booze Brothers Brewing Co.


Do you think couples can still have a more formal wedding at a brewery?


"Absolutely! It will have to be done right. It also depends on the brewery/venue. Speaking for our brewery specifically, we are in a rustic, urban and historic building that is charming the way it is. Traditional white linen and fluff can clash with the existing decor (unless it is done right). " -Donna, Mission Brewery


"They can, but it will take more work. Turning a brewery taproom into a 
traditional ballroom feeling space takes much more effort to do well." -Samuel, 32 North 


"I do! From board shorts to tuxedos, we have seen it all! We provide the space and amazing food & drinks and the couple can add fancy elements to make it their own." -Jory, Karl Strauss


What is the size of your venue and how many guests can your venue accommodate?  


"Our event space is approx. 5000 square feet and can accommodate 300 reception/standing room and 120 formally seated. The venue is split between two levels. The upstairs can hold 140 and downstairs 160." -Donna, Mission Brewery 


"Our venue can accommodate up to 215 guests comfortably. If the couple 
chooses to do a ceremony off-site, it increases to 250" -Samuel, 32 North


"Our Brewery Gardens can accommodate a wedding up to 275 guests." - Jory, Karl Strauss



Make sure to check out their websites, click below!

Karl Strauss

Jory Spady


32 North Brewing Co.

Samuel Golden



Mission Brewery

Donna Callahan


The Wood Shed by Booze Brothers Brewing Co.

Alyssa Donyes






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