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Wedding Registry Mistakes

January 28, 2016



One of the most fun parts of getting married is running around favorite stores with a scanner gun and creating your dream registry. While it should be an enjoyable process, we often see couples making some crucial mistakes! We want your registry to be sucessful, and so we have compiled a list of (7) common wedding registry mistakes we don't want you to make!


1. NOT Registring At All - Couples are waiting longer to get married and many don't feel like they really need anything. But let's face it, your guests WANT to give you a gift. If you don't want to get a pile of gifts that don't interest you, be sure to create a registry. It will also eliminate numerous "what do you want/need" conversations.


2. Creating A Registry Too Late - Your registry should be up and running about 4-6 months prior to your wedding. Why so early? Chances are you will be having engagement parties and showers months before your weddings, and there are always those friends who will want to get you something as soon as they receive a save the date.


3. Only Registering At One Place - (Or only for an alternative registry) - While having your guests contribute to your honeymoon registry or active lifestyle registry is a fantastic idea, there will still be guests who will want to get you a physical gift. With that being said, make their life easier, and register at multiple stores. You never know what stores are convenient for your guests, so give them options. For instance, your Aunt and Uncle from Iowa may not be able to get to a Crate and Barrel, but may have a Target right down the street. Get the idea?


4. Not Registering For A Balanced List - While perusing the aisles of your favorite stores, you may find that you are drawn towards one deparment or price point. For example, you may notice your registry is filled with expensive kitchen appliances. Be aware that not all guests will want to get you something for the kitchen, and not all guests will be able to spend a large amount of money. Be sure to divide your list between the kitchen, the bathroom, the livingroom, and even some unique items that are specific to you as a couple, such as camping equipment or a wine club! Also be mindful of the price points, and be sure you have items starting at around $15-$20 and up. 


5. Not Checking On The Registry - More often that not, one price point of your registry will go quickest. If this happens, you need to be able to add more items to the list, otherwise your guests will get discouraged!


6. Not Thinking About The Future - While putting together your registry, don't just think about items you need today. Do you plan on moving in the next year? Or do you hope to start hosting Thanksgiving on regular basis? If so, there are plenty of additional item you should add to that registry!


7. Procrastinating On Thank You Notes - Chances are you will start receiving a gift or two shortly after you announce your engagement. Don't wait until after the wedding to send out those thank you notes. First of all, your guests will appreciate the return gesture sooner rather than later. Secondly, you don't want to forget who gave you what! Even if you keep a detailed list, I recommend sending that thank you out while it's fresh in your mind. And finally, nobody wants to write a hundred thank you notes in one day! By sending them out as you receive gifts, you are making your life MUCH easier!





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