Wedding Elopements: Why Eloping May Be The Best Decision You Could Make

wedding elopement

Should you elope or should you host a standard wedding?

We all know that getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of your life, and we are told that tying the knot in front of 100 of your closest family members and friends is the logical next step. Well I'm here to tell you that following the crowds and hosting a large wedding isn't the right call for everyone.

The idea of a wedding elopement used to include a couple sneaking off alone for a quick and secret ceremony. While this still can be the case, many wedding elopements now a days include a gorgeous set-up, stunning photos and dinner with up to 20 of your closest family members and friends. I have definitely seen this as a rising trend, and am here to tell you why following suite just may be the best decision you could make.


There is something about planning a large wedding that st