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Wedding Decor: 5 Secrets To Designing A Luxury Wedding On A Budget

It's no secret that picking the right wedding decor for your big day is a challenge. Between all the inspiring wedding blogs and the never ending Pinterest ideas, there are too many options to choose from. There also seems to be this unspoken rule that your wedding needs just as luxurious and unique as all the weddings you are seeing online, which makes diving into your wedding design intimidating. Sure, all of those weddings are gorgeous, but they also cost a fortune. How in the world are you supposed to create a stunning wedding that has unique details and a luxurious feel, but without spending your entire life savings? Well, that's what I'm here to help you with today. Keep on scrolling to find my five secrets to designing a luxurious wedding, even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Don't Try To Do Everything

This may sound counterintuitive, but trying to do everything can actually backfire on you.

As you start planning and designing your dream wedding, you are going to come across SO many wedding decor details that you want to incorporate into your big day. (ie. a gorgeous arch, beautiful place settings, lush floral arrangements, unique menus, fun bar signs, a customized dance floor, etc)

Here's the problem: when you try to add in every detail that comes to mind, you aren't going to be able to do them all well. That is, unless you have the money to hire professionals to handle all of those details. You are only one person, and when you try to take on too many projects, and incorporate too many details, none of them are going to be done extremely well. Doing projects "half way" is not a efficient way to make your wedding feel luxurious.

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Wedding Decor

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2. Pick A Focal Point + Splurge

Like I just told you, trying to do everything is not the best strategy for creating wedding decor that is both luxurious feeling and cost effective. Instead, I suggest you pick one or two focal points and invest the majority of your time and money on those pieces. For example, you may want the focus of your ceremony to be a gorgeous arch and the focus of your reception to be the head table, or maybe you want to have stunning aisle decor and show stopping hanging decor over the dance floor, or maybe you want a one of a kind bar set-up and unique place settings.

When you pick one or two pieces of wedding decor that you want to be the focus, you are going to be able to 'wow' your guests. You will be creating a statement pieces that captures attention, and making a huge visual impact. When you do this, your wedding is going to feel luxurious, and nobody is going to notice some of the smaller details that you decided to forgo. Sure, if you have the time and money to add those details in down the road, go for it! But if you don't, there is no reason to stress about it, as you already created a stunning aesthetic for your day.

3. Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose

This is one of my favorite ways of creating luxurious wedding decor without spending a fortune, and I cannot stress it enough: Repurpose as much as possible from your ceremony for your reception. For example, a lush floral arrangement from a ceremony arch can be repurposed as the floral for your sweetheart table. Lanterns, candles and floral arrangements that are used to decorate your ceremony aisle can be repurposed as centerpieces for you reception. Entrance pieces to your ceremony can be reused as an entrance to your reception or to frame your sweetheart table. The possibilities here are truly endless, and I encourage you to brainstorm ways you can use the same decor in both spaces.