Sunset Cliffs Elopement in San Diego, CA: Cassandra and Ryan

Sunset Cliffs Wedding in San Diego, CA

Bringing Cassandra and Ryan's Sunset Cliffs elopement to life was such a dream! This adorable couple chose to elope in San Diego due to the warmer weather and the fact that their family wasn't able to travel.

When it came to their elopement day, it couldn't have gone better! Cassandra enjoyed a relaxing morning while getting her hair and makeup done and looked absolutely stunning in her lace, chiffon wedding dress. This gown was the perfect fit for an elegant, yet laid back, ceremony on the beach.

Ryan arrived first at Sunset Cliffs and we prepared for their adorable first look. (Yes, you can still do a first look if you elope!) Shortly after their first look, they enjoyed an intimate ceremony overlooking the water and live streamed it to all of their family and friends who couldn't attend. It was truly magical and they loved being able to enjoy that moment will everyone from afar.

Once the ceremony ended, their photographer, Madeline Barr, walked them around Sunset Cliffs and captured so many adorable moments. Be sure to scroll down to see all of the stunning photos!

Bride holding dress by the ocean

Bride and groom first look at sunset cliffs

bride and groom first look at sunset cliffs

wedding ceremony at the ocean at sunset cliffs

Groom smiling during the wedding ceremony

Bride putting a ring on the groom

Bride and groom kissing at Sunset Cliffs

Bride and Groom Facetiming

Bride and groom with waves crashing behind them

Bride and groom posing at Sunset Cliffs

Bride holding her dress at Sunset Cliffs

Landscape photo of a Bride and Groom at Sunset Cliffs

Bride and Groom with a white bouquet

Bride and Groom with a bird flying above them

Iconic Bride and Groom photo at Sunset Cliffs