Mt. Woodson Castle: Rachel + Tan's Adventurous & Chic Wedding

When Rachel and Tan first told us they wanted to hold their wedding at Mt. Woodson Castle, we were stoked! Not only is it a completely unique wedding venue, but grounds are absolutely stunning. Who knew something like this existed in San Diego?! Once you start scrolling down, you will see exactly what I mean!

Tan and Rachel both grew up in Reno, NV, but didn't meet until freshman year of college. They had Chemistry together (how cheesy), and used to study for tests and compete on who would get the higher exam score. They both opted for graduate school, and luckily were both accepted to programs in Southern California. They visited each other on weekends, but spent years living in different cities finishing up school, and then finally decided to both stay in San Diego.

They got engaged in Santa Barbara on a last minute trip to celebrate Tan's birthday. They were on a hike and got a little lost, but got to vista point that overlooked the ocean. Tan brought his camera and was setting up the tripod, and when Rachel turned around and he was on his knee. Not only did he surprise her with a ring, but he recorded the whole thing! Tan and Rachel and seriously the perfect match. I mean, just look at their photos! You can feel the love radiating off of them! According to Rachel, their personalities complement each other well, as she is always high strung and type-A, and Tan always say he's "cool as a cucumber." Not only that, but they make each other laugh over the simplest and weirdest things. If you ask me, that is the best kind of love! :)