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How To Honor A Deceased Loved One At Your Wedding

honor a deceased loved one at your wedding

Weddings are overwhelming occasions, filled with joy and love. For someone who has lost a close friend or family member however, weddings can also be very emotional as their loved one is no longer with them to witness their big day. Don’t worry! There are a number of ways you can honor a deceased loved one at the wedding and have their presence felt.


Secure a chair and dedicate it to them specifically. You can have this in the very front row, alongside a picture of them, signifying the importance they had in your life and how much they still mean even after having passed. You can even add a personal item they would carry alongside the picture. This can be a piece of jewelry, a clothing item, or their favorite flower. Reserving a seat for your loved one will not only honor them during the ceremony, but show your guests how much you loved them.

save your deceased loved one a seat


Is there a particular song that reminds you of them? Include it in your wedding! Music has a way of playing with our emotions and this special song can bring up all the good memories you shared with your loved one. Not sure what song to choose? Well don't you fret! It can be a tune that reminds you of a moment the two of you shared together, their favorite song or simple a song that reminds you of them! Once you start brainstorming, I guarantee picking a song will be easier than you think!


They might not be physically present to see you walk down the aisle, but they will be there spiritually. Adding a photo to your bouquet will be a constant reminder of your loved one through out the entire day, and make it feel like they are there with you.


It doesn’t have to be their wedding dress/suit because, let's be honest, it's probably a little dated. Instead, include embellishments into your outfit. For instance, you can wrap your bouquet in a piece of their wedding dress, wear a tie that belonged to them, or wear a piece of their jewelry. And, as a bonus, this can also serve as your something borrowed!


You can’t go wrong with a heartfelt toast! Express the significance of your loved one and make the toast as personal as you can. If you’re not one to use too many words, you can also keep it toast short and sweet, and just say a few words to express how you feel. Ask your guests to raise their glass in honor of the deceased toward the end.

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