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Five Ways To Repurpose Your Wedding Decor

It's no secret that weddings are expensive, and trying to decide whether to splurge on wedding décor or save your pennies can be a hard decision. Instead of choosing, why not do them both; Splurge on wedding décor AND save money. Yes, that is possible! Now how do you manage it? Repurpose!! Believe it or not, most of your wedding décor can be used in more than one place, allowing you to splurge on the décor without drastically increasing the cost. Knowing how and where to repurpose everything is key, so let's dive in!

OPTION NUMBER ONE: Repurpose The Floral From Your Arch

If you love the look of a gorgeous floral garland on your ceremony arch, consider taking it down after your ceremony and placing it on your sweetheart table. This way you not only have a gorgeous arch to stand under to say your 'I Dos,' but you will also be sitting at a gorgeous table for dinner.

OPTION NUMBER TWO: Repurpose Your ENTIRE Ceremony Arch or Backdrop

If your ceremony and reception are taking place in the same location, considering repurposing your entire ceremony arch (or backdrop). I would suggest either setting your sweetheart table under the arch or, if you want to do something different, consider placing your cake under that arch or use it as a photo backdrop!

OPTION NUMBER THREE: Repurpose Your Ceremony Aisle Arrangements

Do you want a gorgeous aisle set up for your ceremony, but don't have the budget? Use your reception centerpieces to line the aisle. This is one of the best (and most overlooked!) ways to repurpose your wedding décor.

OPTION NUMBER FOUR: Repurpose Your Bridal Bouquets

What happens to all your bridesmaid's bouquets after the ceremony? Typically, your bridesmaids will set them down and they will never be used again. My recommendation would be to use them to use them as décor. Set them on belly bars at cocktail hour, place them on your dessert display, or line your sweetheart table with bouquets.

OPTION NUMBER FIVE: Repurpose Your Centerpieces

Have you considered using your centerpieces for more than just your wedding? If you will be hosting a morning after brunch, grab a few of your centerpieces and add a special touch to your breakfast! Another option would be to donate your centerpieces after the wedding. Many places, such a nursing homes, love getting floral arrangements and then they are being used for a great cause.

OPTION NUMBER SIX: Purchase Decorations That Can Double As Home Décor

Believe it or not, there are SO many things that you can use both for your wedding and your home. For example, instead of purchasing a small guest book, select a larger piece of art (or a photo of you and your fiancé) that guests can sign. After your wedding you can hang this up in your home.




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