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    Five Surprising Things A Wedding Coordinator Does On Your Wedding Day

    While more and more couples are realizing the importance of a Month Of Coordinator, there is still a question as to 'what we do' on the wedding day. Sure, we will manage the day and ensure everything is setup perfectly, but we also do SO much more than that! In order to answer you burning questions, here is a list of six surprising things we, as coordinators, will do on your wedding day.

    1. We Make Sure You Get Fed & Stay Hydrated

    You know all those rumors about the bride and groom not getting to taste the food on their wedding day? Well, that is not the case if you are working with an awesome coordinator! We will always get a plate of appetizers for you during cocktail hour and will ensure you have a few minutes to actually enjoy your dinner. Oh... and we don't want you to get dehydrated and will be constantly popping up with glasses of water for you to drink.

    2. We Will Bustle, Fix, & Sew Your Dress

    I can't even begin to count the number of times I have watched moms and bridesmaids struggle with a bustle, while listening to the Bride give them detailed instructions. While it's quite a site to see, we prefer to not watch anyone struggle. Over the years, we, as coordinators, have become bustling pros and can bustle your dress in a matter of minutes.

    We will also have a sewing kit on hand and can fix any issues that may arise with your dress. Believe it or not, bustles CAN break and dresses CAN rip. It does happen on occasion and we will be there to fix it in an instant.

    3. We Will Make Sure Family & Vendors Don't Miss Key Moments

    While most people assume a wedding planner is going to keep the night on track, most don't think about this aspect of sticking to a timeline. Before key events, such as the grand entrance and toasts, we will always make sure you family members and vendors are ready to go before we get started. We don't want your photographer to miss shooting key moments, nor do we want you parents to be in the restroom during first dance!

    4. We Will Keep Your Wedding Gifts Safe

    Yep, you heard that right! We will ensure cards and gifts are always in a safe spot. We don't want anything to happen to those items and will do everything in our power to keep them safe.

    5. We Will Cover For Any Slacking Vendors

    While nobody wants to believe they hired 'slacker' vendors, it does happen. This could mean a million different things for us as coordinators, but include things such as: helping a late arriving vendor get setup, coaching an inexperienced DJ on how to announce different events, assisting a photographer with family photos, running to the store to purchase forgotten items, playing the role of an extra server or bartender, or calling in a favor to a trusted friendor is there is a vendor no-show.

    6. We will set up AND breakdown all your wedding decor

    Most couples realize that we will setup your décor, but not everyone knows that we will also break everything down! We don't go anywhere until all your wedding décor is broken down and placed where it needs to go; allowing you and your family and friends to not stress about cleanup at the end of the evening.

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