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    Hawaiian Wedding: Ashley + Jeremy's Modern, Tropical & Romantic Wedding

    Hi All,

    Today is an exciting day for me! Today I finally get to share all the details of my very own destination Hawaiian wedding!! Are you ready?!

    Before I dive in, I want to share a little bit of history about myself and my new hubby, Jeremy. We met out and about while I was celebrating my half birthday (I know, who does that, right?! ). While we instantly 'clicked' it was the photos of his insanely adorable puppy that truly caught my attention and won him that first sushi date. We had a blast on our first official date, and starting dating from there. Fast forward five and half years, and we found ourselves hiking the Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast of Kauai with a group of our really good friends. The first day into that epic trip, we detoured up to the Hanapakai falls. It was there that Jeremy asked me to swim out to the bottom of the falls, and it was under those falls that he finally popped the question. What I can say, I found a romantic!

    When it came to diving into the wedding planning process, we ultimate decided a Hawaiian wedding was going to be the perfect fit for us. Nether of us wanted a huge wedding and neither of us wanted to spend a fortune on our wedding. If we were going to invest in something, we wanted it to be a vacation with our closest family and friends. To us, that was going to be more memorable that just a few hours. The venue we finally selected was a vacation rental that was large enough for us and our family to stay at for the week, and that also allowed private events.

    Once we were able to secure the venue, the rest started to fall into place. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Duo to make the journey with us to document the day. I am lucky enough to work with Shayna and Peter on a regular basis and their work is unbelievable. If there was one area of our wedding where we wanted to be sure we had a quality vendor on board, it was photography.

    We chose a steele blue and shades of pink and coral as our main colors, and felt they really complimented the tropical setting. When it came to designing the rest of the day, we kept the floral bold and tropical and kept all the other details more modern and romantic. This way our Hawaiian wedding wouldn't feel too traditionally tropical. Early on in the planning process, I came across a coral palm leaf wallpaper which ultimately served as the bases for the whole design. (And I actually had to have it shipped from Spain!)

    I also knew I wanted to create some sort of statement piece, as I LOVE customized backdrops. Call me crazy, but I ended up building a customized backdrop using my new favorite wallpaper, and added the phrase 'You Had Me At ALOHA' to set the tone. This unique piece served as a focal point throughout the day, and served as the place card display (for our coconut place cards) and or dessert display (with a coconut cake topper).

    I could seriously go on ALL day about the details, how our Hawaiian wedding was the perfect fit for us, and our experiences planning, but for now I'll let you get to the good stuff: The photos. Scroll on down to see all the details and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Maybe one of these days I will write an entire blog post dedicated to my personal experiences in planning my wedding in Hawaii.


    The Team:

    Coordinator: Always Flawless Productions

    Venue: Villa Quattro in Kona, Hawaii

    Photographer: Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Duo

    Florist: BlueKai Designs

    Bridal Boutique: Here Comes the Bride

    Dress Designer: Casablanca Bridal

    Mensware: Friar Tux Shop

    Hair: Hair by Brooke

    Makeup: Grace Makeup Artistry

    Rentals: Hawaii Island Events

    Caterer: Color Catering

    Cake: Color Catering

    Stationery: Always Flawless Productions




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