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Wedding Design: How to Plan A Wedding That Screams YOU

Wedding Design - Unique wedding ideas to create  a personalized wedding

Trying to navigate the process of planning a wedding and trying to figure out how to create a wedding design that truly reflects you as a couple can be daunting. The best piece of advice I can give you: Don't follow any wedding 'rules' merely because you think you should. Instead, I urge you to find a venue and select decor that screams YOU. After all, your wedding is about you, and you want your guests to leave thinking 'wow, that wedding was SO them!' Now, be sure to scroll down to read more about our tip to designing a truly personalized wedding .

1. Unique Colors:

Are you a fan of bright orange and red, but not sure if they are very 'wedding-y?' Use them anyways! There is no rule book that says a wedding need to be filled with pastel colors. Don't be afraid to step out the standard wedding bubble and pick colors that are completely out of the ordinary. Believe it or not, there are LOTS of ways to create an elegant event with any color under the sun - and that includes everything from bolds to to pastels to black!

2. Creative Favors:

In coming up with unique wedding favors, look outside of Pinterest and generic 'wedding favor' websites. Make a list of things you and your fiancé like to do, and who you are as a couple. Take a good look at that list and incorporate a fun way to incorporate one of those ideas into a favor. For example, luggage tags are a fun ideas for a couple who loves to travel or who are having a destination wedding and fun shoe laces could be a unique option for a couple who enjoy running! It may sound a little silly at first, but there are SO many fun and unique options you can explore.

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3. Entertainment:

Hire entertainment that you will actual enjoy, and consider bringing in something very unique. For example, one of our couples came from a Scottish heritage and we brought in a bagpiper as a surprise to escort guests from cocktail hour to the reception. It was something guests were not expecting, and it brought a truly unique and personal experience to the day.

4. If you have a Talent, Showcase it!

Do you and your hubby-to-be love to play the guitar and sing? Guests will get to see how you connect doing something that you both love. It can also be a fun way to surprise your fiancé. We once had a groom surprise his bride by playing and singing 'their song' as she walked down the aisle! Let me just tell you, we can one pleasantly surprised Bride.

5. Pick a Venue that Represents you as a Couple:

The biggest decision you will make in planning and designing a wedding is selecting your venue. If a traditional hotel ballroom venue doesn't interest you, don't do it. Now a days, couples are having weddings at every type of venue possible. If you and your fiancé are low key beer lovers, consider a non-traditional wedding at a microbrew. If you two are big skiers, consider holding your reception at a restaurant on top of your favorite mountain. Your guest will love the unique setting and the gondola ride to the top. The options here are truly limitless, and I encourage you to find a location that suites you as a couple.

6. Incorporate your Heritage:

This adds a very personal touch to any wedding, and is often something your parents will greatly appreciate. Adding cultural flair into your wedding doesn't have to be a grand gesture, and is often time a smaller details. This could be anything from using a family recipe for one of the appetizers, adding a cultural dance to the reception, or having 'sponsors' be apart of your ceremony processional. Once again, there are endless options here, and I encourage you to get creative!

7. Charity:

Do you and your fiancé donate to a certain charity every year? Or do you run in a marathon every year for a good cause? If so, consider donating to that cause in your guests names, instead of handing out individual favors.

8. Signature Drinks:

This is a classic choice for weddings, but we still absolutely love the idea of including signature drinks in your wedding design. Do you and your fiancé have 'go-to' drinks? Another way to add a personal touch here is to name them! Isn't of using simple 'his' and 'her' drinks, get creative and come up with unique and personal names for the drinks.

9. Photos:

A photo says a thousand words, and your wedding day is no different. Get those engagement photos frames and place them strategically around the wedding. You may also consider doing a photo wall that walks your guests through your story as a couple. For this, include things such as when you met, when you started dating, and when you got engaged and include photos to go add to your story.

10. Incorporate Family:

A wedding will always feel more personalized when it incorporates your family and friends. Ask them to officiate your wedding, read a passage during the ceremony or give the blessing before dinner.

I hope you found that helpful and are feeling inspired to go out and create a wedding design that is the perfect representation of you as a couple.



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