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Wedding Day: 5 Tips For Staying Calm On Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day - Creating A Stress Free Wedding Day

Every bride to be knows that, while your wedding day should be the most perfect day of your life, sometimes things don't always go according to plan. Here are a few tips to make sure the big day runs smoothly, and if you follow our advise, chances are you are going to remain relatively calm on your big day!

1. Hire A Planner:

This might sound a little biased, but we absolutely think hiring a wedding planner is a must for a stress free wedding day. Consider a month of or day of coordination package if a full service planner is something out of your price range.

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2. Add Extra Time Into Your Wedding Day Timeline:

This is an important part of the planning process. Like we mentioned before, sometimes things do not always go according to plan. Each wedding is different and it is important to account for any possibility that the timing of the day could get thrown off.

3. Create A Packing List Before The Wedding:

This is extremely important, and will ensure you don't forget anything! Rushing at the last minute to have someone pick up your veil and shoes at the hotel is one way to guarantee a stressful start to the wedding day.

4. Do A First Look:

We love the idea of a first look. It's a very intimate moment for you and your hubby to be. Also, when doing your first look you will be able to get couples photos as well as bridal party photos done before the ceremony even begins. This is great so family and group photos don't need to be rushed during cocktail hour.

5. Limit The Number Of People Getting Ready With You:

The morning leading up to the ceremony can bring on a lot of nerves. Having time to just relax with a few of your closest family and friends can be the perfect remedy for this. You don't want to surround yourself with too many people that may may raise your stress levels.



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