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Wedding DIY: Is It For You?

With the ever growing popularity of Pinterest and all things DIY came the rise in DIY Weddings. DIY Wedding projects are a great way to add in a few personal touches to your special day. But, before spending hours on DIY websites and writing a shopping list for Michael's and Home Depot a mile long there are a few things to consider.

You Should Be Somewhat Crafty: Do you actually enjoy crafting and working with your hands? This should be a question you ask yourself before taking on any DIY challenges for your big day. Planning your wedding should be exciting and enjoyable! Don't take on any projects that will leave you too frustrated.

You Will Need To Have A LOT Of Extra Time And Great Time Management: Many of your projects won't need to be done until about the month of your wedding so keep that in mind to make sure you can fit your DIY projects into the "month of" schedule.

Helpers Will Be Needed: the months leading up to your wedding are supposed to be a time for you and your hubby-to-be to spend time with each other and with your loved ones. Make sure when you take on DIY wedding projects you have a group of helpers that are up for the task! Don't spread yourself too thin!

Flexible Budget: What draws most couples to the idea of DIY Weddings is the idea that they will be saving money. For the most part this is true but on some occasions DIY Projects turn out to be just as expensive! Just make sure to do your homework and also account for those possible "Pinterest Fails".

Have A Vision For The Big Picture Not Just The Little Details: What is your vision for the day? It can get easy to get carried away with one or two little projects that aren’t even going to really affect the overall visual of the day. So stay focused on the projects that will really tie your wedding together and give your guests that feeling of you

How Can We Help? We can give you ideas and let you know which diy projects are going to be worth taking on and which are not. With our design packages we take on all these projects for you! This way you aren’t left with a million projects the week of the wedding – this will save lots of time, money, effort and stress!

Check out some of our favorite DIY project our couples have incorporated into their weddings!

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