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Engagement Photos: Inspired by 'The Notebook'

Engagement Photos: Creative Photos Inspired By The Notebook

Nicholas Spark's "The Notebook" is one of the most romantic stories ever written, and was the perfect theme for our sunrise engagement shoot. We decided to re-create one of our favorite scenes from the story, and began the day with a romantic boat ride on the beautiful Lake Wohlford in Escondido, CA. In order to add more romance to the shoot, we dressed up the vintage rowboat with a luxurious garland and dressed our couple in classic vintage attire. We then sent them out onto the lake to enjoy memorable morning on the lake enjoying a stunning sunrise.

While our couple were enjoying their boat ride, it seemed only natural to set a vintage breakfast picnic for them to enjoy when they got back to land. In designing this, we wanted to create a cozy, yet vintage feel. In order to do this, we set up a scrumptious selection of breakfast pastries, grapefruit and mixed fruit, mimosas, and espresso for them to enjoy. We also wanted this to feel reminiscent of the 1950s, and brought in vintage suitcases, books, and brass candlesticks to tie it in to the time period of "The Notebook."

When it came to our bride's attire for the picnic, we wanted to give her a vintage, yet modern, look. In order to do this, we dressed her in a modern romper that was created out of red vintage lace; giving her the perfect look! We kept our groom's attire the same throughout the day, dressing him in vintage suspenders and a classic 1950's hat.

Another major element of this shoot that helped pull in elements of "The Notebook," was the stationery. We created a stunning Save the Date that was designed after the row boat scene, and created a romantic, vintage love letter that was reminiscent of the love letters Noah sent Allie in the story. Our goal in designing the entire shoot was to pull in pieces of the story without it feeling like an exact replica. I feel like we achieved this, and ended up with a stunning, vintage, sunrise engagement shoot!

Vendor Team:

Host: The Workshop Collective

Venue: Lake Wohlford

Paper Goods: Simply Rooted Calligraphy

Models: Natasha + Sean

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