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    Adventure Awaits

    I can't stress enough that weddings never have to follow a certain guideline. Your wedding should be an expression of who you are as a couple and if that means flying in on a helicopter before you walk down the aisle, we say go for it! Here are a few ways to add a little adventure and a bit of fun to your big day.

    Photo: Devon Donahoo Photography

    Sneak away to a breathtaking location during cocktail hour to capture amazing moments.

    Cocktail hour is the perfect time to sneak away from your guests and just appreciate your first few moments together as husband and wife. Do some research about your venue to see if there are any romantic locations at the venue itself or any picture perfect spots in the surrounding area. Talk to your photographer and coordinator, they will help you scope out the perfect place for these intimate photos.

    Photo: Color and Cake Photography

    Plan a small intimate affair in an exotic location

    For some couples getting married at a traditional wedding venue just isn't in the cards. Consider checking out smaller more unique venues maybe even a location that holds a special place in both of your hearts with memories. Think of a place that your guest will feel your love and personality all around.

    Photo: Nicole Colewell Photography

    One of a kind props and decor.

    Props make everything just a tad more interesting! Perfect for unique photos not only you but for your guests as well.Think about incorporating a vintage furniture seating area, not only does this spice up the look of the venue but it will also be very functional! Elaborate dessert displays are becoming extremely popular, ever thought of adding a donut wall or a macaroon tower?!

    Photo: Mrs. and Mrs. Wedding Duo

    Plan a unique getaway at the end of the night

    This is a very easy way to incorporate adventure and a bit of fun into your wedding no matter the venue! Some fun examples of a getaway would be a vintage car, speed boat (if near water of course!), motorcycles, or even by horse! These unique getaway vehicles can also used as great photo-ops!



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