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How To Pick Your Bridal Party: Expert Tips For Choosing The RIGHT Bride Tribe

Picking the perfect bridal party isn't always an easy task. There are many things to take into consideration before selecting who will be there standing next to you on your big day.


When choosing your bridal party think about how large you want the group to be. There are definitely some perks as well as downfalls when it comes to size of your party. Consider having to plan your pre-wedding events and appointments around everyone's schedules. If you are planning a small intimate wedding it may be best to stick to a smaller wedding party as well! It may seem impossible to narrow it down, especially if you or your groom have family members that you want to be included. A great way to incorporate family members is to give them the job as ushers or greeters!


Plan on delegating tasks appropriately, if you have a long list of tasks for each bridesmaid make sure they are ready to take on the responsibility. Take into consideration if they have a time consuming job or if they live far away.

Take advantage of having these wonderful friends by your side throughout the planning process. If your hubby-to-be can't make it to meet your caterer take one of your besties along instead! They can also help out with any DIY projects such as a creative escort card display or fun wedding favors.


The details of your wedding never have to be done a certain way, there is no wedding template you MUST follow. Feel free to think outside the box! Play with mixed numbers of bridesmaids vs groomsmen. Even consider the recent growing trend of having both bridesmaids and bridesmen or Groomsmen and Groomswomen.

When it comes to planning the big day and all the events in between you never want to spread yourself too thin. This should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. Feel free to delegate tasks to your bride tribe as well as your coordinator, we are here to lift some of the weight off your shoulders!




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