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Venue Spotlight: The Darlington House

Today we were lucky enough to sit down with Carly from The Darlington House, and are excited to share a little bit more about one of our very favorite wedding venues in San Diego!

Location: La Jolla, CA

Capacity: 200 in the Rose Garden reception area

Type of Venue: Historical Home and Garden

How Long Has The Darlington House Been Around?

The Darlington House was established in 1928 and has been used as a wedding venue since the early 1980s.

The Darlington House Is Historical, Correct? Tell Us More About That.

Once the seasonal home of Mrs. Sybil Darlington, Darlington House still echoes a lifestyle of gracious living, elegant dinner parties and delightful musical concerts. Mrs. Darlington was an East Coast socialite who built the home and gardens around her love of entertaining, which creates a perfect, natural flow for weddings and other events. The imaginative, one-of-a-kind touches that Mrs. Darlington and her architects sprinkled throughout the library and patios were inspired by her love of travel to exotic destinations like Egypt, Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Whether you are planning a small gathering or a large gala, Darlington House offers an unforgettable venue for your special day.

Tell Us A Little Bit About The Event Space!

Darlington House offers historical charm and modern elegance. Your guests will be impressed from their first glimpse of our foyer's dramatic staircase and our beautiful living and dining rooms. Our Egyptian Patio offers an intimate ceremony space complete with a tiled fountain surrounded by lush landscaping, a brick patio and dramatic arches. The Andalusian patio is most notable for its antique tiling, marble pillars, and intricate ironwork, making for an interesting cocktail hour space. Your bar will be housed in our vintage library, inspired by Spanish architecture. Our crown jewel is the Rose Garden, where your guests will be thrilled to celebrate your event surrounded by citrus trees, flowering rosebushes, a tiled fountain and lovely brick patio.

What Do You Find Newly Engaged Couples Love Most About The Darlington House?

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter wedding at Darlington House. We provide the venue and a list of San Diego's best caterers, but clients are free to choose their own tables, chairs, linens, florals, and more! Every wedding here is unique and tailored to the couple's taste.

Is There A Getting Ready Space For The Bride And Groom?

Yes! In fact, the Upstairs Suites at Darlington House are some of the most beautiful spaces in the house. Natural light floods the spaces, a photographer's dream! The sitting areas, dressing rooms, and restrooms are decorated in a serene and romantic style with vintage-inspired wallpaper and furnishings. Couples will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that allows enough room for an entire bridal party to gather before the ceremony.

What Types Of Couples Is The Darlington House A Perfect Fit For?

Darlington House is perfect for any couple who is looking for an intimate, charming space surrounded by greenery and historic charm.

What Is The Site Fee For The Darlington House And What Does That Include?

Site fees range from $2000 - $4500, depending on day of the week and time of the year. A Ceremony & Reception package includes two hours in our upstairs suites and five hours of celebration time with your friends and family. We are a venue-only vendor.

What Piece Of Advice Would You Give Newly Engaged Couples In Search Of The Perfect Venue.

When looking for a perfect venue, remember to listen to your heart. If a venue speaks to you, your guests will love it as well because it will seem like an extension of your story.

If Any Of Our Couples Are Interested In Learning More About The Darlington House, What Is The Next Step?

We love to introduce Darlington House to couples! Give us a call at 858.454.7625 to explore our historic home and gardens today!



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