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Wedding Designer: 5 Things You Don't Know About Hiring A Wedding Stylist

Wedding Designer: Why you need a wedding stylist

While the idea of hiring an event designer may seem far fetched for the average bride, let me assure you, it's NOT! Many wedding planners, florists and rental companies offer event design services that can be added to the contract you already have with them, and trust me, it's not as large of a fee as you may be thinking! Let me also assure you that it can definitely be worth the cost. Think of an event designer as the interior designer for your wedding. They are going to help streamline your look, keep you in budget, and have a definite eye for design. Think of it this way: would you rather design your house on your own, or entrust the help of Joanna Gaines? If you are like the majority of us, you would jump on the idea of working with the stars of Fixer Upper!! Working with an event designer for your wedding is the same idea. There is just something about how their brains are wired that allows them to visualize, and create something you never would have imagined. Because the idea of an event designer is an obscure idea to many couples, we have put together 5 things you may not know about hiring and event designer.


Wait. What?! An event designer is going to help me stay in budget?! That's right. After you book all your big vendors (such as venue, photography, DJ, Catering, etc) you will be left with a certain dollar amount that you can allocate to the overall look and feel of the day. (floral, rentals, stationery, etc) If you come to an event designer, they are going to help you budget that money and use it in the right places to create the overall look and feel you are hoping for. An event designer is also going to be upfront with you, and is going to let you know know whether you vision for the day and your budget aline. If they don't, they can switch things up, and work with you to create something with a similar feel that is within your budget. Also, another thing to consider is all the last minute Etsy and Michael's purchases you are going to make in order to add details to the big day if you don't have a designer. (Think welcome signs, mr. and mrs. signs, menus, fun props, etc)


Believe it or not, it is not always easy to create a cohesive feel between your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception; especially when they are not in the same place. Event designers are also pros and coming up with ways to ensure your place card display is going to mesh with your reception tables, which will match your bar signs and welcome sign. Once again, think of an event designer like an interior designer and think about your house. You can definitely go into Crate and Barrel or Home Goods and find pieces you love, but are they all going to work well together? For some reason, your living space is going to feel much more cohesive and homey if you have a professional design it.


Having been in the industry for years, and having designer weddings and events for years, they are pros at thinking out of the box. Most likely, you are getting all your ideas from searching pinterest, and chances are, your event designer has seen/done many of them a hundred times. It is their goal to switch things up to create something new and innovative for your wedding that really fits what you are envisioning. They are also amazing at incorporating YOU into the design, so your wedding will feel very unique and personalized!


Think about how much time you will spend on pinterest between now and the big day looking for genius ideas, and brainstorming the best way to create a cohesive look. You will also be searching for those perfect flowers, table design and place cards. Wouldn't it be nice to have somebody just present you with some amazing options! Also, if you are planning on DIYing much of the wedding, such as place cards, the month /week before your wedding, imagine how long that is going to take! Wouldn't it be nice to just relax the weeks before you rwedding and let someone else handle it all?


Some planners offer wedding design as part of their packages, and some do not. This is something to look for while looking for the ideal planner. If you already have a planner (either full service or day of) your event designer will work directly WITH them. Often times this is nice, as it allows each person to really focus on their specialty.They will work together both before the wedding and on the big day to ensure your vision comes to life, and you will then clearly have the ultimate rock-star team!

What do you think? Would you be interested in hiring an event designer for your big day? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you have questions feel free to email me below!



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