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How To Get Your Dream Honeymoon Without Paying A Cent

If you are like the majority of couples out there, you are having a difficult time figuring out how in the world to pay for both your dream wedding and your dream honeymoon. Am I right? What would you say if I told you that you could take that dream honeymoon vacation without paying a cent? You would probably think I was crazy, right? Well believe it or not, it IS possible thanks to an absolutely amazing company called Honeyfund. Honeyfund is a unique way to approach your wedding registry and will allow your family and friends to 'gift' you your honeymoon. If you don't need any new pots and pans, then this is the perfect option for you and your fiancé. Below are the (4) ways to use Honeyfund throughout your engagement in order to get that dream honeymoon without paying a dime!

1. Create A Honeyfund Account & Decide Where You Want To Go - First and foremost, sit down and decide where your dream honeymoon would take you. Have you always wanted to take a relaxing trip to Fiji or would your prefer to explore the European countryside? The possibilities are truly endless! Once you have this narrowed down, create your Honeyfund Account. (Click Here) This is a quick and easy process.

2. Create Your Honeyfund Page - Once you have created your Honeyfund Account start creating your page. Feel free to search through their fun designs and design a page that reflects you are your fiancé. Once you have your pages started you will be able to add line items for everything you are interested, giving your page a similar appearance to any wedding registry. Guests can then 'gift' you things such as your airline tickets, hotel rooms, fun outing and scrumptious dinners!

3. Share your Honeyfund Page - Be sure to include your Honeyfund 'url' on your engagement party invitations, shower invitations, wedding invites, and your wedding website! This will guide people to your unique registry and will allow your guests to gift you your dream Honeymoon. It also makes it extremely easy on all your guests.

4. Honeyfund Gift Card - Honeyfund just launched a brand new feature; the Honeyfund Giftcard. This is perfect for those guests who wish to give you a physical gift, and is also the ideal gift for the holidays. The best part about this gift card is that you are able to use it on an array of services such as air, cruise, hotel, restaurant and retail partners (such as groupon!), offering unlimited experiences around the world! Be sure to check it out HERE.

What do you think? Are you already heading over to Honeyfund to create your very own Honeymoon registry? We think it is a wonderful idea and hope you are now able to get that dream Honeymoon with out paying a dime!



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