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8 Inspirational Mood Boards

MOOD BOARDS. Those are what I see all over pinterest right?? Right! And believe it or not, mood boards serve more of a purpose than solely pinspiration. (Although we do love them for that! And we love the word pin-spiration! )

As wedding planners and designers, a mood board serves at the foundation to our design. It allows us to compile the color scheme and overall look and feel of a wedding. Here at Always Flawless Productions we create a mood board for each and everyone of our design based clients, as it helps us convey our vision to both our couples and other vendors.

Now your probably wondering, do I need a mood board if I already have a pinterest board? The simple answer to your question is YES!! Your pinterest board is great for getting the initial inspiration going and for storing any and every idea you find inspiring. After months of pinning the real question becomes: Are you really going to use all of those ideas and/or are all of those ideas really going to work together? The next step then becomes creating your mood board.

In order to create your mood board, take a look at your pinterest board and zoning in the images that truly speak to you, and focus on the following:

  • Your color scheme

  • Specific flowers you LOVE

  • Placecards you can't live without

  • Textures you are drawn to

  • Cake designs you love

  • Place settings that speak to you

  • Photos of your ideal aesthetic

Once you pull all of these photo together you will notice that some of them don't work well together. Get rid of the ones you aren't as passionate about and keep the ones that speak to you. You may have to go through your photos a few times, but eventually you end up with a board of about 10 photos max that really emphasis the aesthetic of your dream wedding.

Okay, so you created your mood board, now what in the world is it good for?

  • Bring it to vendor meetings! You would be amazing how helping this can be during meeting such as floral design and linen selection!

  • Even after you create your mood board, you are going to come across ideas you love. I encourage you to look at your new ideas next to your mood board and really focus on whether it will mesh with everything else you have created. This will help ensure you wedding maintains a cohesive look!

Below are 10 of our favorites from this past year. Hopefully they will help inspire you to create your very own board!

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