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The Ultimate Wedding Tipping Guide

Once you have finalized all the details of your wedding, and have most likely spent more than you planned on, you are confronted with the delightful task of deciding who to tip and how much to give them. In order to help you navigate these murky waters, I have put together some simple guidelines of who typically gets tipped and what amount. With that being said, gratuity is 100% subjective, and should be based on the level of service you received, just as if you were going out to dinner! These suggestions are not the end all be all, and are a starting point to help guide you in the right direction.

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artists | Expected

Amount: 15-25%

Officiant | Expected by the church, appreciated by officiants.

Amount: $100 - $500 donation to the church | $50-$100 gratuity to officiant

Ceremony Musicians | Appreciated

Amount: $15 - $25 per musician

Wedding Planner | Appreciated

Amount: 10 - 20% depending on the level of service

Photographer & Videographer | Appreciated

Amount: $50 - $200 per vendor

Reception Band or DJ | Appreciated

Amount: $50 - $150 for a DJ | $20 - $25 per musician

Set-Up Staff | Appreciated

Amount: $5 - $10 per person

Catering Staff | Check your contract. This is often included in your fee

Amount: 2-3% for the Maitre d or headwater | $20 - $50 per server

Bar Staff (If not included in your catering) | Appreciated

Amount: 10%

Transportation | Expected

Amount: 15 - 20%

Bathroom Attendants | Appreciated

Amount: $1 - $2 per guest

Catering Manager | Appreciated

Amount: $100-$200 depending on the level of service

Coat Check Attendants | Appreciated

Amount: $1-$2 per guest



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