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Let's Be Friends! Getting To Know Ashley Frederickson

Today we are taking a few moments to sit down with Ashley Frederickson, the creative mind behind Always Flawless Productions.

What three words best describe YOU?

  • Friendly

  • Adventurous

  • Creative

What do you like most about being a wedding planner?

Oh my goodness, there are so many things I love about being a planner! I love the positivity of the industry, the unbelievably genuine and talented vendors I get to work with on a regular basis, the happiness and joy of a wedding day, and the experience of teaching genuine couples about the planning process. With all that being said, I think my very favorite part of being a wedding planner is getting to know my couples and helping them design a completely unique and personalized wedding. The look on their faces when they see the vision come to life is a truly wonderful feeling; their happiness makes all the hard work worth it!

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

Not long after receiving degrees in psychology and math (and not wanting to pursue a career in either!), I came to the realization that the hospitality industry was the perfect fit for me and decided to go back to school for event management. While getting this degree, I began working at the San Diego Convention Center, which proved to be the best experience I could have ever asked for! I was given the opportunity to help plan an array of events, ranging from large corporate events to nonprofit events to the legendary Comic Con. Through all of these events, I learned how to think through the logistics and details of large scale events, and was easily able to carry that over to weddings. While I loved working at the Convention Center, I began to realize that I needed a career that allowed for more creativity and that also allowed me to build more personal relationship with clients; hence my switch to weddings and the start of Always Flawless Productions. Since opening my doors 5 years ago, I have not looked back once! I love what I do, and know it is the perfect fit for me.

Who is your ideal client?

Oh man! I work best with couples who are very much like me. They are friendly, adventurous, creative and love life! They want to have an unbelievable wedding planning experience and want a "friend" to work with them through this crazy process. I am also extremely creative, and tend to attract couples who appreciate all the small details of a wedding and want to find a way to make their wedding unique. If that sounds like you, I think we need to meet! :)

What do your clients enjoy working with you?

That's such a great question! I think the biggest reason my couples love working with me is because I view my couples as friends and often build lasting relationships with them. I really take the time to listen to their story and find out what they love to do! This makes my couples feel extra comfortable working with me, and allows me, as a planner and designer, to really customize their wedding in a way others may not be able to do.

What do you do when your NOT planning weddings?

Oh my goodness, so many things!! I am a huge outdoors-y person and love to spend time outside running my dogs, backpacking through the mountainous countryside, and skiing steep mountains. I also cherish time with family and friends, and you can often find me catching up with them over a morning cappuccino, late afternoon craft beer or a scrumptious glass of wine! And finally, I may also be teaching myself a little guitar when nobody is close enough to listen - maybe one of these days I'll be good enough to actually play for an audience... we will see! :)

How do you think couples can most effectively utilize a wedding planner?

I think the biggest mistake couples make is reaching out to a wedding planner too late in the process. I can't tell you how many times I have had couples reach out to me after booking their venue, caterer and photographer, and they have almost completely maxed out their budget. While I am good at what I do, and can make a dollar go along ways, I unfortunately am no miracle worker! If they would have come to me prior to booking all of that, I could have helped them manage their budget and priorities, and found fitting vendors for their style and budget. I guess the moral to the story is to book your planner early in the process!

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Hey There! My name is Ashley McHone and I am the owner of Always Flawless Productions. I started this little biz nearly 10 years ago and am here to share alllll my wedding planning knowledge with you! ;)

Here at Always Flawless, we are a team of planners who want you to have fun planning your wedding! We want this entire journey to be stress free and we want you to enjoy a flawless wedding day. Trust me when I say, we are here to make all of that happen.


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