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4th Of July Party Ideas

In honor of Independence Day, we’ve compiled a list of 4th of July themed ideas to help you plan the most festive celebration around!

Berries Ice Cubes | Berry-Infused Water - Add berries into your beverages as a cute and delicious way to make quenching your thirst patriotic!

Patriotic Fruit Kabobs - Put watermelon, blueberries, and bananas on a stick and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy appetizer! It’s easy for you to make and easy for your guests to eat. You can even cut them into little stars if you’re feeling really festive!

Red, White, and Blue Dipped Snacks - For this one, feel free to get creative! Buy some pre- dyed chocolate or dye and melt your own. Dip any of your favorite snacks into it to give your party food that patriotic look: pretzels, fruit, popsicles, cookies…you name it!

Red, White, and Blue Candy Bar - Candy bars are all the rage these days! Set up a little station with only red, white, and blue candies for display. At the front of the table, provide little baggies or containers that the guests can fill with candy to take home!

Colored Tin Cans or Mason Jars - Paint cans or jars in those three American colors and you have yourself a handful of options! Blue with white stars, red and white stripes, plain blue, or plain red…any way you like! Then, you can use them as centerpieces, as flower vases, or candleholders while letting the light shine through.

Sparkler Send-Off - What better way to end the night than to be sent off by your loved ones with imitation fireworks? At a wedding, give each guest their own sparkler and have them stand in the two lines on either side of the bride and groom as they walk out. At a standard 4th of July party, simply give each guest a sparkler to light and enjoy the magic!



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