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    Modern Alternatives To A Receiving Line

    On your big day you will be surrounded by the people who love you most! With all that love in the air, there’s no doubt every single person in that room will want to greet you and your groom! While a receiving line is the most traditional way of making sure this gets done, we’ve compiled a list of alternatives that you might find more efficient, and just as effective!

    Get Rid Of The Rest Of The Bridal Party - Instead of including both sets of parents and the entire bridal party in the receiving line, things will move faster if only the bride and groom greet all the guests. It also helps some guests feel more comfortable so they don’t have to make small talk with people they might not know!

    Visit Tables At The Reception - The bride and groom always get served their meal first, which means they are usually done eating first! We suggest using this down time as an opportunity to walk around to all the tables while everyone else is still eating.

    Do A First Look AndAttend Cocktail Hour - First looks are quickly becoming more popular because it provides both an intimate moment before the ceremony for the bride and groom, and allows them partake in cocktail hour! By doing this, you are able to mingle with all your guests in a relaxed setting prior to the reception, without having to have a old fashioned receiving line!

    Throw A Welcome Party - This last alternative is perfect for those having a destination wedding or for those who have a lot of guests arriving from out of town. Hosting parties all weekend with your guests will give you plenty of time to spend time with each other then. This way you don’t have to stress so much about it on your wedding day and everyone’s happy!



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