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10 Tips For The Mother Of The Bride

Your daughter in engaged! Congratulations! You are officially an infamous “Mother of the Bride!” With all that love and excitement in the air, we understand that nerves easily sneak their way into the equation, too. That’s why we have put together a list of tips to help you keep it all together during the planning process!

1. Eliminate Your Own Expectations - While the soon-to-be marriage contributes greatly to your happiness, it’s important to remember that the soon-to-be bride’s expectations come first. Don't let yours overpower hers. Let the bride come up with her own vision and share your thoughts with her as needed!

2. Pick Your Priorities - While it’s your daughter’s wedding, we all must recognize that you still have an opinion! Choose your battles, and don't make a big deal out of every little thing, otherwise chances are none of them with stick. Choose which details are most important to you and make those ones known to the bride and groom!

3. Get To Know The Other Parents - Be supportive of your daughter in all aspects of her wedding, including meeting and getting to know her in- laws. Keeping a good relationship with the other parents will mean a lot to both the bride and the groom – and will make you happier in the long run!

4. Don’t Invite People Too Soon - We know how excited you are, but don’t jump the gun on the guest list. Wait for the bride and groom to decide who they want at their wedding before you promise a seat to someone who may not make the list!

5. Have The Money Talk - It is crucial to have this talk early in the planning process, so that the bride and groom know exactly what you are willing to contribute. This way, they will know exactly how much they have to work with.

6. Be Specific With What You Can Contribute - Be straightforward and specific with what you are willing and able to help out with. And no matter how big or small the contribution, make sure it’s realistic!

7. Dress For The Occasion - Before you shop for your gown, wait for the bride and bridesmaids to get their dresses. Use this as a guide to follow the formality and style of the wedding. And most importantly, don’t wear white!

8. Play Hostess - It’s your job to make the guests feel welcome. If anyone is coming from out of town, you can ask the bride if she would like you to make accommodations and find transportation for them. It is also important you acknowledge and thank all the guests on the day of the wedding as well!

9. Tame The Bridezilla - You know the bride the best, so you know what can calm her down. If she gets stressed, comfort her. If she gets in over her head, remind her of what’s really important.

10. Give A Sentimental Gift - Nothing says “welcome to the family” like a sentimental gift – such as a family heirloom, a dinnerware set, or a nice piece of artwork they can display in their home. It is always nice to give a gift that supports their life together after the wedding. But no matter what it is you give, the bride and groom will appreciate anything that comes from the heart!



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