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Wedding Guest Style Guide

You and your hubby just got a wedding invite in the mail, RSVP'd "YES, and are stoked to attend your good friend's wedding this summer! Now comes the big question: What in the world do you two wear?! Is a casual sundress and pants and a polo shirt appropriate? Or should you wear a long fancy dress and formal black tuxedo? Well today we are here to answer all your fashion questions, and are going to guide you to the most fitting outfit for the wedding.

Focus On The Invitation - Wedding invitations will typically notate formality. Look to see if it says "casual," "semiformal," "black tie," etc as this will let you know EXACTLY what you should wear! If it does not, focus on the formality of the invitation itself, as an invite should reflect the theme and feel of the wedding. Is the invite simple and wrapped with burlap? Or did it arrive in a box with luxurious textures and embellishments? To put it simply; Formal Invite = Formal Attire | Simply Invite = Casual Attire.

Consider The Formality Of The Venue - Your attire is going to vary drastically if the wedding is going to take place on a beach versus if the wedding is going to take place in a 5 star luxurious hotel. Be sure to keep this in mind.

Inside vs Outside - Is the entire wedding taking place outside? If so, you will need to account for weather and temperature changes. If it is going to be warm during the day, wear a breathable dress. Be sure to then bring a matching jacket to wear in the evening. Chances are, it's going to cool down and you don't want to be freezing during dinner. Also, if the wedding is outside, be sure to reconsider your footwear! If the wedding is on the beach, you are going to want to wear flats or open toed shoes. If the wedding is taking place on the grass, be sure to wear flats or wedges so your heels don't sink in to the grass all evening!

Traditional vs Nontraditional - If the wedding is taking place in a church and is going to be extremely traditional, be sure to dress traditionally! For example, that means don't show too much skin and don't wear anything extremely wild or crazy. Keep is simple and classic.

Be sure to also take a look at this amazing Wedding Guest Style Guide that The Black Tux created! We think it is pretty right on! You can also check out their suit rental page if you are still looking for that perfect suit!



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