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What Are Your Maid Of Honor Duties

Your best girl friend just got engaged and asked you to be her maid of honor! You’re overjoyed, delighted, excited, and perhaps…a little nervous? What do you do next? What are your duties as maid of honor? Luckily for you, we have compiled all the duties that will fulfill your role as the bride’s main support and right-hand woman!

Lead the Bridesmaid Group - As maid of honor, you also double as head bridesmaid. You will lead the other bridesmaids to make sure they’re on track with all their duties, such as attending all the wedding parties, having the right dress and jewelry on time, getting to rehearsal, etc.

Help With Pre-Wedding Tasks - Offer to help the bride with completing the little things that need to be done before the wedding. Although they seem minor, your help with tasks, such as addressing invites and creating table place cards will go a long way!

Help Shop for Dresses - Help the bride shop for both her own dress and the dresses for the bridesmaids. With lots of pressure on her to make decisions, your input will truly be appreciated.

Host the Bridal Shower - While the bride is busy planning the big event, she’s counting on you to throw her the smaller one prior!

Plan the Bachelorette Party - Plan the bachelorette party with the other bridesmaids. Make it a team effort to make it less stressful on you and more fun for everyone!

Keep a Record of all the Gifts Received - With all the various parties and showers going on, the bride is bound to be smothered in gifts. From the first party to the end of the wedding night, it’s your job to keep a record of who gave her what so she can say her proper thanks later!

Hold the Groom’s Ring - Before and during the ceremony, you will be in charge of one of the most important things – the ring! Keep it in a safe place until the bride needs it at the alter.

Hold Bride’s Bouquet - During the ceremony, you will need to hold the bride’s bouquet so the couple can exchange their vows.

Display the Bride’s Train and Veil - Make sure the bride’s train and veil look great right before the ceremony begins. You may also need to help arrange her train throughout the reception so that she’s not stepping on it all night!

Sign the Marriage License - Another crucial duty is to sign the marriage license as a witness, along with the best man.

Toast the Couple - Traditionally, both the best man and maid of honor give a toast to the newlywed couple. While this is optional, it always adds a nice, personal touch!

Be there for the Bride - While all of these duties are great, the most important is that you support the bride. During this amazing, yet stressful time in her life, you must be there for her through the ups and the downs. Simply being a good listener and a trusted friend both the day-of and prior-to, fulfilling your maid of honor duties will come naturally!



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