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Kelsey + Kendall: Hanger Engagement Shoot

The beginning of Kelsey and Kendall's love story took place at the Hemet Ryan Airport. Having always had a love for aviation (and pilots!), Kelsey took a job working at the airport for a short 6 month period. Over the course of those 6 months she became good friends with a studly pilot named Kendall. The more time the two spent together, the more they realized just how much they enjoyed each others company. Not long after they made the leap to becoming "more than friends," Kelsey was offered a job in Arizona that she could not pass up, and simultaneously, Kendall's new aviation job sent him to Arizona. Being relocated an hour apart was clearly fate telling them that they were meant to be together! They have been inseparable ever since, and after much moving around, are back in San Diego and ready to start their life together as husband and wife!

In order to set the scene for their upcoming wedding, Kelsey and Kendall wanted to take their engagement photos at the Hemet-Ryan Airport where their love story began. This was such a wonderful idea, and I was so lucky that they were open to the idea of turning it into a styled engagement shoot! Since they had access to an amazing vintage plane, it seemed only fitting that their style fit the part! In wanting to stick with the "vintage" feel, we had Kelsey and Kendall write a love letter to the other and packaged them in airmail envelopes. Neither had any idea of what the other's letter said, and they were able to read them for the first time during the engagement shoot, while sitting in the vintage plane! It was such a special moment for the two of them, and evoked so much emotion in their photos! As a final touch, Kelsey was wearing her Grandmother's vintage locket that still had photos of her grandparents; as inspiration for where their future together!