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Engagement Session: Dan & Meghan

About three months ago I got a wonderful email from one of my favorite photographers (the amazing Jacque of Pages Photography) letting me know that one of her best friends had recently gotten engaged...and she had passed on my information. Then, about three weeks later, I got a awesome e-mail from one of my favorite hairstylists (Maghan Vance), letting me know that she was getting married and in need of a planner! Now... fast forward a few more weeks, and I finally put the puzzle pieces together and realized that Jacque and Meghan were besties! :) Let me just tell you that I am SO excited and so honored to be apart of Meghan and Dan's wedding this coming September! I recently received the photos from their engagement sessions, and you can clearly see how much they care for each other (and their pup!) and can tell they are a perfect couple.

I also wanted to share a little bit more insight into this adorable couple from the eyes of their photographer, Jacque, who knows them oh so well.

"Where to start with this incredible couple?!? I was there in the beginning of Dan and Meghan’s relationship, and the day I met Dan, I knew he was amazing and the perfect guy for Meg. They have easily become more then friends, but they truly are my family. When you think of two people who are perfect for each other, it really is these two. They have gone through so much in the past few years and it has only made them stronger as a couple. They are so fun and full of life and they compliment each other perfectly. I was so thrilled the day Dan told me he was finally going to propose! I literally had to go months barely talking to Meg, because I was so excited and didn’t want to ruin anything!! To be able to photograph their engagement session was the best and I couldn’t have been happier to document this special time. I am thrilled for these two amazing people to tie the knot in September, and I cannot wait to be a part of their big day and to see them grow even more! I love you both so much and words cannot describe how happy I am for you guys and how much I love you and how you have really shown me what love is." - Jacque Pages Photography




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