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Questions To Ask When Securing Your Wedding Hotel Room Block

In planning all the details of your big day, it can be easy to forget one major component: a room block for all your guests! Whether you have two out of town guests, or the entire guest list is from out of town, you need to have a place for them to stay. After all, these people are traveling cross country to support you on your big day, so the least you can do is help make booking their travel arrangements easy. Now, there are two different types of room blocks to consider: a courtesy room block and a regular room block. Below we are detailed the different between the two, along with a list of questions to ask when securing your room block!


If you only have a few guests coming into town, and you will need fewer than (10) rooms per night, then I suggest looking for a courtesy block. With a courtesy block, a hotel will block a small number of room for you at a discounted group rate, but you are not held responsible if these rooms are not booked. Because the hotel is holding them as a courtesy to you, the rooms will typically be released about 30 days prior to the wedding. This way, if your guests do not pick up the rooms, they are still able to sell them in the month prior to the wedding. Make sense? Also, not all hotels offer a courtesy block, so you will need to be sure to ask for it!

  • Is there a maximum number of rooms we have to block?

  • What amenities are included? Are they abel to offer you an complimentary upgrades?

  • Will rooms be blocked next to each other?

  • How are welcome bags delivered? Is there an extra cost for this?

  • Do they offer complimentary shuttle services?

  • If the block fills up, can you add additional rooms at the same rate?

  • When will rooms be released?


f you will need more than (10) rooms, chances are you will need to book a regular room block. With a closed room block, you will need to reserve a minimum number of rooms per night, and are typically required to guarantee that 80% of those rooms will be filled. If they do not get filled, then you are responsible for paying the difference. In booking a room block, there are a lot of questions you should be asking, and things to look out for.

  • Is there a minimum number of rooms we have to block?

  • What is the cutoff date? And will reservations be accepted after the cutoff date at the discounted rate as long as there is availability?

  • Is there a point of contact for these type of bookings? Or will you be speaking to someone different every time?

  • Can rooms be blocked next to each other?

  • Do they have an online code, so guests can receive the group rate when booking online?

  • What amenities are included? Can they offer you any complimentary upgrades?

  • How are welcome bags delivered? If there an additional fee for this?

  • Do they offer an airport shuttle service? Do they have a shuttle to transport your guests to and from the wedding venue? Would this be an additional charge?

  • Do they provide signage to welcome your guests?

  • Is there an attrition clause? If so, can it be removed?

  • What is the penalty if the block is canceled?

  • If the block fills up, can we add more rooms at the same rate?

  • When are rooms released from the block?

  • Can guests extend their stay at the discounted rate if they wish to stay longer?



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