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Who Traditionally Pays For A Wedding

With the cost of a modern wedding averaging around $30,000, it is important to determine who will be covering all the expenses. I strongly encourage you to sit down and discuss finances with everybody involved early on in the planning process to avoid any conflicts or surprises later on. While I am aware that more and more couples are paying for their own weddings, it is often helpful to know to who traditionally covers the many costs associated with a wedding. Here you will find the traditional breakdown:

Stationary - The Bride and her family will cover all stationary, including save the dates, invitations, programs, etc.

Engagement Party - Traditionally, the Bride's family is responsible for hosting the engagement party. Now a days, there is often more than one engagement party hosted by different people, such as the brides family, the grooms family, and possibly a close friend.

Rehearsal Dinner - The Groom and his family traditionally pay for the rehearsal dinner.

Ceremony - The Bride and her family typically cover any fees associated with renting the church/synagogue/ceremony venue. The Groom and his family cover the marriage license and officiant fees.

Rings - The Bride and her family traditionally pay for the Groom's ring, and the Groom and his family pay for both the Bride's rings.

Attire - The Bride and her family are responsible for her dress, veil and accessories. The Groom and his family and responsible for all of his attire.

Reception - The Bride and her family traditionally cover the reception, including things such as venue rental fee, food and beverage, and decor.

Flowers - The Bride and her family usually pays for all the floral arrangements for both the ceremony and the reception, and the bouquets and corsages for the bridesmaids and flower girls. The Groom and his family, on the other hand, are responsible for the Bride's bouquet and going away corsage, the boutonnieres for all the groomsmen, and the corsages for all the mothers and grandmothers.

Photography - The Bride and her family covers all of the wedding photography

Music - The Bride and her family and responsible for the cost of any bands, DJs, etc for both the ceremony and the reception.

Transportation - The Bride and her family traditionally cover the transportation of the bridal party to and from the ceremony and reception.

Honeymoon - Traditionally, the Groom and his family will cover all honeymoon expenses.

As your probably noticed, wedding expenses were not traditionally evenly divided. Because of this, I suggest you use them as a guidelines and sit down with your family to discuss the best breakdown for your family.




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