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    The Dos and Don't Of A Wedding Toast

    Being asked to speak at a wedding is a HUGE honor, but it also brings a lot of added pressure to the day. As long as you come prepared and follow these simple Do's and Don'ts, we are pretty sure you will be set up for sucess!

    DO Introduce Yourself - Let all the guests know who you are and how you first met the bride and groom. This is a great introduction that will capture everyones attention, and it will also make you feel more confident.

    DO Be Sedimental - Regardless or whether you want to share a few fun stories or anecdotes about that couple, be sure to always speak from your heart and end on a sedimental note. Afterall, the purpose of your toast is wish them the best in their new marriage, and you need to be a little sedimental to do that.

    DO Keep It Short - I can't emphasize this enough. As many amazing stories and memories you may have, nobody wants to sit and listen to you speak all night. An ideal speech should last a short and sweet 5 minutes. If it is any longer, guests will start to get ansty, and it will start cutting into the time the newlyweds have to mingle with all the guests.

    DO Conclude With A Toast - Raise your glass to the happy couple, and wish them the best and lifetime of love and happiness. Aferall, isn't that what a toast is for?

    DO Come Prepared - Be sure to practice your speech prior to the wedding. Even if that means you need to write it down and read from your notes, do it!! You will feel much more relaxed, and your toast will flow cohesively. I promise guests will know if you haven't rehearsed it.

    DON'T Embarrass The Couple - While you may have amazing stories about the Groom's past relationships (or lack of) or a humorious anecdote about the Bride at spring break, their wedding isn't the right place for those stories. You are allowed to give a humorous speech, just avoid stories that will embarrass the couple.

    DON'T Drink Too Much - While having a glass of bubbly to calm the nerves is just fine, don't cross the point of no return. Nobody wants to hear you slurring your words, making inappropiate jokes, or struggling to stand up straight. Let me just foreworn you that nothing good ever comes from a drunkin speech.





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