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Wedding Dresses 101: Silhouettes

Shopping for a wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting and overwhelming days for a bride. It is exciting because you get to select a gorgeous gown that is going to make you feel like a million bucks, and that is going to make your wedding feel real. On the other hand, the number of options out there can make it a very overwhelming process! Where in the world do you start, and what is actually going to look good on your body type? We want you to have a little information before jumping into dress shopping, so keep reading to learn about the different dress silhouettes, and to learn which to going to be best for your body type.


This is your classic princess gown! It has a fitted bodice and then flaires out at the waist with a huge, full skirt. This silhouette will work on most frames, but is esspecially ideal for pear shapes, as it hides the lower body. It may not be ideal for petites, as the full skirt can sometimes overwhelm a small frame.


This is another very common silhouette that will flatter nearly all body shapes. It has a fitted bodice though the waist and gently flows out to the ground, resembling an uppercase "A."

Modified A-Line:

This is clearly a very similar shape to the traditional "A-Line." The main difference is that it will be fitted both through the bodice as well as the hips, and tends to fall closer to the body. This silhouette will also flatter most body types.


This silhouette is fitted from the bodice to mid-thigh, where it will then flaire out. You will find it it the middle ground between an "A-Line" and a "Mermaid" silhouette, and is ideal for those with a small waist, such as hourglass, banana, and petites. It is not ideal for pear and apple shapes, as it accentuates the mid section.


Fitted all the way down the body to the knee, where is flares out. This style is idea for slender and hourshape body types who want to show off their curves. It is once again, not ideal for apples or plus size body types.


This style is designed very narrow and will flow straight from the neckline down to the hem. Because this will accentuate an extra inches, is it idea for lean frames such as petite and bananas. It could also work well on an hourglass figure, if you were willing to show off those curves!


This is a shorter dress that end between the knee and the ankle, and that will flatter all body types.


A mini-dress will fall above the knee and tends to be more of a "reception" dress. It is unfotunately, not ideal for plus sizes, but will flatter all other body types.





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