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Getting Your Groom Involved

Most brides I have encountered wish their fiancé would both help with the wedding details and be excited about the planning process. In order to make this happen, I encourage you as a bride to sit down and listen to your futures husbands thoughts and ideas about the wedding. If there is something he really wants to add into the wedding (regardless of how amazing or ridiculous is sounds) LET HIM! You might be surprised about how excited he gets and how well it ends up turning out. Also, if he particularly interested in one aspect of the wedding (ie. music or food) relinquish some of your control and let him take the reigns; let this be his one wedding project. This will lighten your load, will make him feel included, and won't make him feel completely overwhelmed. Below you will find some of the most common ways to get your fiancé to help with the wedding.

1. BUDGETING - If your future husband is good with numbers this is the perfect job for him! He will feel included while ensuring you don't spend more than you can afford. There are also a lot of great wedding budgeting software/apps out there to help him out.

2. FOOD - I have yet to meet a guy that didn't love food! Bring him along to all your food tastings and let him help you with the food selection.

3. BAR MENU - If your fiancé enjoys mixing drinks or is a beer coinsure let him pick out the bar menu. What beers and wines will be available? Will there be a signature drink? This is a fun job he may really get in to!

4. MUSIC - Let him take the reigns in finding a DJ and selecting a majority of the music for the reception. If you aren't planning on having a DJ, let him create the playlist for you iPod. This is an extremely important job but doesn't affect the overall look/design of the wedding.

5. NEGOTIATING - If your future husband is really good with people, have him negotiate pricing with all of your vendors. He will be extremely excited and proud of himself if negotiates some good deals for the wedding.

6. HANDYMAN WORK - Is you groom good at creating things? Put him to work! He will feel useful and will be saving you money.

7. TOUR GUIDE - If you have a lot of out of town guests, have your fiancé create a list of local attractions. This could include anything from local restaurants, to tourist attractions, to your favorite places as a couple. He will enjoy the task and out of town guests will appreciate it.

8. WEDDING SLIDESHOW - Do you have a creative fiancé? Let him create a slide show of you as a couple. Play this with music during the reception and all your guests will be impressed!

9. HONEYMOON - Let him plan the honeymoon! That includes everything from booking the flight and hotel, to researching good restaurants and attractions, to booking any excursions. I promise this is something he will enjoy! He may also appreciate that it doesn't involve the actual wedding.




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