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Always Flawless is a wedding planning and design studio with over 10 years of professional  experience. We provide a 'team' approach to weddings and specialize in full service wedding planning & design, and strive to provide our clients with a top-notch experience. We pride ourselves on our strong relationship with our clients, and believe that the best events are build on trust, kindness, lasting relationships, and a whole lot of creativity and fun!

Ashley McHone

Owner of Always Flawless

I started this little business nearly 10 years ago and have not looked back since! I have had the opportunity to work with SO many amazing couples and it has been an incredible journey in going from being a one-woman show to having an unbelievable team of planners. 


As my business has grown and changed, so has my role in it. When I started out 10 years ago, I was working directly with EVERY single couple, planning EVERY single wedding on my own and handling all the 'business side' of things. Talk about exhausting! 

I have since built up a team of unbelievably wonderful planners and have found immense joy in training them to be top of the line planners. Being able to pass on all the knowledge I have gained over the years has truly allowed us, as a team, to help more couples than I ever thought possible. 


While I still take on a few weddings every year, my role is primarily to manage our team of coordinators and to ensure that they are exceeding all expectations. The more I am able to help and support them, the better we are going to serve you!

The Always Flawless Team: 

Here at Always Flawless we are team, and when you work with one of our planners, you are essentially working with our entire team. Pretty awesome, right?! Now, let's dive into a few of the many reasons why working with a team of planners (vs. an individual planner) is just so beneficial to you! 

Built In Backup: Should anything happen to your planner (aka. a death in the family, an extended vacation while you have questions, a broken ankle, etc) we've got you covered! Because of how we operate, one of our other planners can easily jump into the mix to assist in the planning process or take over running the wedding day! 

Brainstorming Power: I'm sure you've heard the phrase 'Two heads are better than one,' and it is SO true. As a team, we are in constant communication and are always helping each other out and brainstorm new ideas. Sometimes that is throwing out new design ideas, other times that solving a logistical challenge, and sometimes it's as simple as needing a recommendation on where to source something. 

More Creativity: As much as I hate to say it, we all get in design ruts. My operating as a team, there is always someone available behind the scenes to throw out ideas and prevent any lack of creativity. Talking through designs and ideas also allows for SO much more creativity and pushes all of planners to really step up their game and create something new and unique for each couple. 

Higher Standards: I have set VERY high expectations for all of your planners and am here to ensure those standards are met. You won't have any of our planners falling off the face of the earth, dropping the ball on deadlines or not getting back to you for weeks at a time. 

Extra Support: Yes, you have will be working directly with an AMAZING planner, but I am also always available if you need anything as well. There will never be a lack of people assisting you and available for any and all questions that come up. 



We believe in getting to know our clients. We want to find out things like: What do you do for fun? What are your favorite foods? Where did you meet? We strongly believe that those friendships are what allow us to create an event that is truly unique and filled with personal touches. 


We aim to create a very guided and direct experience, filled with personal touches. We never want you to be wondering 'what's next' or 'what should I be expecting.' We also never want you to feel like one of many, and have created a tried and true method that makes you feel like our only client.


Learn about the Always Flawless Couple

The Always Flawless couple is creative and detail oriented, and has a very modern and luxurious style. We work well with down to earth, type A couples, who are put at ease by having clear direction, and who understand the importance of working with a professional. For that reason, our couples are looking for a qualified and experienced planner they can trust.


When it comes to the wedding day, our couples see the importance of personal touches and want to incorporate their story into the day. They also have a love of floral, and understand the importance of creating a unique experience for their guests, and want to throw a fun and intimate party for all of their closest friends. A very traditionally wedding may or may not be their style, and they run from the idea of a 'cookie cutter' wedding.

In their free time, Always Flawless couples can be found traveling the world and adventuring, shopping at couture boutiques, spending time with their significant other and fur child, and trying out the newest restaurants. 




What our clients are saying

I don't even know where to start! Ashley was AMAZING in every sense of the word. She went above and beyond what I ever expected from a wedding planner. I live in Texas and we had a destination wedding in San Diego so I relied on her for pretty much everything...vendor meetings, site visits, shipping decorations to her, etc.


Ashley was able to coordinate all the details for our wedding through only phone calls and Facetime. I consider myself a very detail oriented person and actually worked in events myself for many years and cannot say enough about her seamless ability to plan, coordinate and design. There were many times during our calls where I would say "I know these are little things but I want to get them right" Instead of breezing over them, she took the time to make sure we planned for those small things.  Ashley never made me feel like I was difficult - she only encouraged me to make everything just the way we wanted it. Even times where I thought some of my ideas were too crazy or out of our budget Ashley always found a way to make it happen - she even helped build a namecard wall!


As far as during the actual wedding - I am usually the person who can never sit down and am constantly making sure things are ready and set up before a event - but Ashley had everything managed so well and coordinated ahead of time that there was no rushing, and everyone was relaxed all morning before the wedding. I wish I could do more justice for how great she was but I will say hiring her was definitely the best decision we made when planning our wedding.

I owe my special day to Ashley. She was my rock, my savior, my partner-in-crime during the insanity that is "planning a wedding". I told Ashley from the beginning that I was looking for someone I could team up with to help give me direction, honest feedback on my ideas, and creative ideas for a wonderful event. She was everything and more. 

She was a wonderful resource for vendor referrals. I loved that she would always provide 2+ vendors in a category so I could make the determination which would be the best for me; if I am 100% honest, I wish I had booked Always Flawless prior to getting my venue since I think I would have been exposed to some really cool, unique, and affordable locations. She handled much of my vendor communications, gaining quotes and finalizing logistics as the date got closer. She joined me on certain vendor meetings and was able to ask questions I didn't even think to ask. 

But it was the Wedding Day that she shined the brightest! She was on site early and stayed long after the last dance to ensure everything was cleared out on schedule. I trusted Ash to make it happen, and they created the most BEAUTIFUL wedding for Dan and me! You will not regret hiring Always Flawless Productions.

Ashley is FANTASTIC and is seriously a lifesaver! I came across Always Flawless Productions  the month before my wedding and fell head over heals with every photo I saw. However, I saw that they were wedding event coordinators, and I already had that. I decided to call the company and ask if they would be willing to just come in and design.

 I could go on and on about how amazing Ashley is and here are 10 reasons why:

1. She is very professional and kind!
2. She puts you first. Her communication is beyond expectation and she takes her time to get to know you. 
3. She is very personable and designs based off your personality 
4. She is very talented and has a true eye for art.
5. She breaks everything down in a proposal and works with any budget! There are never surprises.
6. She will contact all your vendors and work with all of them. I never had to be the middle man. 
7. She was on time the day of my event and worked in a timely manner. 
8. She stayed in contact with me about every detail leading up to the wedding. (Even through the week of Christmas) 
8. She cleaned up after all my guest left
9. I didn't have a florist and she found me the most amazing florist! She picked out my bouquet and floral arrangements based off our theme.  They worked together beautifully!! 
10. All my anxiety went away the moment I signed my proposal! 

All my guests were blown away and it was the most beautiful wedding, thanks to her and her team!

I am fairly certain that my wedding day would have been nothing short of a catastrophe had I not had Ashley and her team on the job.  My wedding had many MANY moving parts (choosing a small municipal airport as our unique wedding location proved to have its challenges!), and not only did Ashley tie up all the loose ends and put out fires that inevitably came with my choice in venues, but she did so seemingly effortlessly.  I really didn't understand how critical having a rock solid coordinator/planner was until I teamed up with Ashley.

You don't just get a wedding planner with her- you get a creative brainstormer, a problem solver, an encourager, a perfectionist, a teammate, a "nothing's impossible" spirit, positive energy and a nerve calmer!  Talk about bang for your buck :)

Ashley's role in making my crazy wedding into a reality can't be expressed.  Ashley- thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My husband and I wish we could do it all over again!

Booking Ashley is kind of like getting wedding insurance and wedding day peace of mind.  Money well spent!

Amazing coordinator! We were recommended by our wedding photographer and we are so happy Ashley did our day-of coordination. From the beginning Ashley was always receptive to my many emails no matter how big or small. I also liked how she offered so many helpful tools for me to use throughout the planning process. I wanted a hands-on planning process but needed some extra help on the day of because I didn't want to worry about a thing. That's exactly how things went, I was not worried about anything and was completely stress free the day of my wedding! The day ran so perfectly and was impeccable. I got to enjoy my time with our family and friends instead of worrying about everything. Also, she has rentals, I saved so much by renting extra decor for my wedding instead of me buying everything for one night. She is super sweet and professional. Thank you again Ashley for being a part of our special day!

Before the wedding, I thought that the most important item to spend money on was the photographer. After all, photos last a lifetime. After the wedding, I strongly believe that spending money on the planner/coordinator is JUST as important. I spent SO much time and money on my wedding, and I would not have been able to enjoy the day without having an amazing coordinator. Being able to enjoy your day should be MOST important! Forget all of the flowers and decor, the day is about a celebration of you and your love!

Ashley went above and beyond. She truly allowed me to relax and really enjoy the best day of my life!! She thought of things that I never thought of, and handled day of surprises in the best way possible. I was considering having a friend or family member take over the day of coordination, and am SO glad that I didn't.  Ashely did so much more than any friend or family member would have known to do, would have been prepared to do, or would have been willing to do! Thank you Ashley!!

I promise you can trust Ashley to do the best job possible, and you will not regret your decision!!

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