Wedding Mood Boards: How To Create A Wedding Inspiration Board

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

If you have started diving into the planning process (or perused Pinterest at all), chances are you have come across a “wedding mood board” or “wedding inspiration board.” You know, those gorgeous themed boards that have a clear color scheme and perfectly matched photos. Well, today, you are in luck because we are going to dive into exactly how to create your very own wedding mood board, and we are also going to tell you what the heck those wedding inspiration boards are good for. Are you ready?

Let’s start with HOW to create very own personalized wedding mood board.

STEP ONE: Create A Wedding Pinterest Board

If you are like most brides you already have a Pinterest account and started adding pins to your wedding inspiration board long before you got engaged. Am I right? Well, chances are there are lots of things on that board that are out of date, and lots of themes and ideas that no longer interest you. Feel free to keep this board, but I want you to also create a brand new wedding mood board.

STEP TWO: Start Pinning

At this point, don’t stress TOO much about the exact theme or color. I suggest you pin anything that is really speaking to you. If it doesn’t perfectly match your vision or initial color scheme, that is okay. During this process be sure to pin a variety of images; not all your images should be of floral arrangements or table settings.

Expert Tip: Don’t limit yourself to JUST wedding images. Think about what inspires you! In designing weddings, I often find inspiration in nature, fashion, architecture, and interior design. You will notice that most of my wedding mood boards incorporate something non-wedding related.

STEP THREE: Look For Trends

Once you pin way more images that you think you will ever need, take a step back and look for trends. Do you find yourself pinning lots of a certain color scheme? Is everything pinned ultra modern or does it have a very rustic aesthetic? Are you repetitively pinning the same flower, industrial venues, or designs with lots of draping? Use this time to find a common theme throughout your images. Not ALL your images will follow this, but many the majority will.

STEP FOUR: Pick 15-20 Photos

Now that you have a TON of images pinned, I want you to pick 15-20 of those images that truly speak to you, and that are meshing with the trend you just established. In selecting these images, I suggest you pick a variety of photos. Once again, don’t choose all photos with flowers or all photos of wedding attire.

STEP FIVE: Narrow Your Photos Down To 6-10

Now that you have narrowed your photos down to 15-20 images, I now want you to take a good look at those photos, and pick 6-10 of them that seem to compliment each other and mesh together best. These are going to be your FINAL photos that get implemented into mood board!

STEP SIX: Create You Wedding Mood Board In Canva

IF you haven't heard of Canva, it's about to change your life! It's super user friendly and will turn you into a designer over night. Simply click here to head on over to canva. Select the mood board design you want to use. Upload your top 6-10 photos and drop them into your mood board. Viola!

STEP SEVEN: Finalize Your Color Scheme

Now that you have your mood board created, make note of the dominant colors. Are these the colors you were initially thinking? Or did they shift now that you are seeing the big picture? I also suggest you don’t just select two main colors. Picking multiple shades of the same color is going to create a more visually appealing aesthetic for your big day, and will prevent things from feeling too ‘matchy-matchy.’

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Now that you have created your wedding mood board, let's talk about how you can use it...


As you continue through the planning process, you are going to come across LOTS of new ideas. Before saying “I NEED that for my wedding,” take a step back and ask yourself “will this work with my wedding inspiration board?” This is going to prevent you from buying items that won’t fit the aesthetic for your wedding, and will ensure everything at your wedding works well together/


Bring your wedding mood board with you for EVERY vendor meeting. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn’t be truer here. All of your vendors are going to ask you questions about the ‘vision’ for your wedding, and instead of having to explain (we are having a rustic elegant wedding!), you can show them your vision. Everybody visualizes different, and this is going to ensure everyone is on the same page.


You can also use your main wedding inspiration board to create smaller mood boards for things such as floral, attire, or the reception. This definitely isn’t a necessity, but many brides like to be even more specific when working with certain vendors. If that sounds like you, be sure all the images on your smaller boards would work well on your main wedding mood board.

I hope that helps to guide you, and makes creating your very own wedding mood board simple and easy. Now, happy pinning!

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